Hello Sir,

My intention is to make an 3-phase power calibrator, https://us.flukecal.com/products/ele...wer-calibrator
I was looking for a ClassD solution, https://e2e.ti.com/support/audio/f/6/t/842164

Many people says " potential transformer PT can be applicable with TPA3220(analog input), or TAS5760M or TPA3116D2". Mostly they are , Speaker Bar, Docks or Consumer Audio Application.
My case is different.

My requirements were,
1. The amp input should be plus and minus 7volt AC, 45-65Hz( 1 Hz has been converted to 1024)
2. Amp operating voltage should be more or less 24v.
3. 2 channel signal (not sure PWM) should be use , one for current, one for voltage.
4.Can run current transformer(input 16.5 V/1.5 A) and potential Transformer (input15v/2A). PT output may be 15VAC.
5. If possible both voltage and current amplification is required in one IC.
6. Both positive and negative half signal should be amplify. ( take a look bellow For CT, current transformer primary winding has 80turns, 16.5 V/1.5 A, secondary has 20Turns, 4.125v/6A output! For PT, Potential transformer, Primary has 80turns, 15v/2A rating input, secondary has centertap! At secondary 960turns, 360v/0.332 A and 960turns 180v/0.166A output.

I wanna move to Bridge type/SMPS type application, since it looks little bit high current and voltage application.

Most probably the challenge is to control facilities, since my system has instruction from central stm32!

Any infineon product is appreciable !

HW Engineer