The ETH_LWIP APP provides the possibility to enable debug messages. It does so using the SEGGER_RTT APP.
As an alternative, instead debug semihosting can be used following the next steps:

1. In project setting, add XMC_DEBUG_ENABLE to preprocessor symbols
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2. Also in the project settings, under linker settings add –specs=rdimon.specs
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3. In main.c add an extern function declaration to initialise_monitor_handles() and call it in main() function.
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4. In file lwipopts.h add the following macro definition to enable debug messages

#define LWIP_DEBUG 1

Now you need to turn on the generation of debug messages from the module you are interested in, i.e. the DHCP module


More details can be found at

5. In the debug configuration, semihosting need to be enabled.