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    New Member New Member Laura is on a distinguished road
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    Sep 2019

    Questions about BTN8982TA

    "I want to use BTN8982TA IC for motor control of UAV as its specifications are perfectly match with my requirement. However, I see only one issue regarding its operating voltage range. Since this IC is mainly designed for auto industry where operating voltage is 12V. However, in my case operating voltage is 28V. The datasheet of BTN8982 mentions normal operating voltage range 8V-18V; And min & max operating voltage 5.5V to 40V.

    In my application, typically 28V-32V operating voltage will be available all the time. If back emf phenomenon occurs, this operating voltage may also increase slightly for short duration of time (approx <36 Volt). In this scenario, could you please guide me
    (1) whether should I use BTN8982 or not if there is no back emf phenomenon (operating voltage 28V-32V)?
    (2) In case this IC is not suitable for my application, could you suggest me your any other suitable IC? "

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    New Member New Member vivid is on a distinguished road
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    Sep 2019
    BTN8982TA is designed for automotive applications, but it's max. rating of VS is from 5.5V to 40V. Therefore it can be used for your application theoritically. But please be noticed all parameters are specified in the normal operation range of VS (8V - 18V). If you use it out of this range, the parameters might have deviations. For industrial applications we recommand another device which is called IFX007T: The parameters are specified when VS = 24V. It is much closer to your case.

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    New Member New Member TimFlynn is on a distinguished road
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    Jun 2016
    I have one BTN8982 one and 10 TI motor drivers on my board. I'm running into a problem with the TI parts as they can't drive enough current.
    I run the TI parts in a mode where I sample the BEMF to control the speed of the motor. Works well until I need more current (power) then it fails.
    I'm driving motors only in one direction.
    The BTN8982 has plenty of drive. check.
    I need the upper FET on to drive current via PWM. When PWM signal is 0, it turns on the lower FET. This ok until the current goes to 0. But then I need the lower FET to turn off to allow the BEMF to be sampled.
    The TI part takes care of this nicely. But not enough drive.
    So, can I PWM the INH input on the BTN8982 with IN high? Will it protect itself?

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    Infineon Employee
    Infineon Employee
    Jing.N is on a distinguished road
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    Jun 2018
    Theoretically it is ok to PWM the INH when IN is set to HIGH. But in this case the delay on/off time can be affected due to the enable/disable phase. The protection features are still valid in this case.
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