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Thread: New code does not run on Application (TFT) Kit?

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    Beginner Beginner Lucas is on a distinguished road
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    New code does not run on Application (TFT) Kit?


    I have just received my Application Kit and when I plugged it in the demo code ran correctly. I have just written my 'blinky' code in BIFACES and downloaded it to the Application Kit but when I try and run it the reset LED flashes a few times and then seems to sit in reset.

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    Intermediate Intermediate Bernie is on a distinguished road
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    The TFT (Application) Kits include the TLF35584 Safety Micro Power Supply. A feature of the TLF is that there is a watchdog which should be serviced by software running on the AURIX via the SPI connection. The demo code supplied with the kit included this code, but your code does not. There are three ways to solve this problem.
    You can add the code to your project to service (or disable) the watchdog feature of the TLF35584
    If you are using a debugger, you can add a script that runs when the debugger resets the AURIX and disables the watchdog.
    You can modify the hardware to disable the watchdog by pulling the TM pin of the TLF35584 high. There are pull up and pull down resistors on this pin in the hardware, by default the pull down is fitted, this can be removed and a pull up resistor added.

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