Good day~ all

I am recently learn knowledge about field-effect transistor, and as we all known, field effect transistor (FET) is abridged as field impact transistor. For the most part, transistors are conductive by two sorts of polar bearers, for example most bearers and a couple of negative transporters. Consequently, they are called bipolar transistors, while FET is conductive just by generally bearers. It is inverse to bipolar transistors, it is additionally called unipolar transistors.

And now I'm writing an electronics circuit simulator and I need a very simple and straightforward model for a field-effect transistor (as simple as the Ebers-Moll model for a BJT). I can use resistors, voltage sources, current sources, diodes, (I can also use a resistor with a very large resistance to measure the gate-source voltage).

What model would you suggest?