I set up my position2go to capture 128 points at 300 kHz sampling frequency in Doppler mode. This means 1 chirp (not really a chirp because doppler) per frame.
The reported minimum frame time interval is 1.426 ms. The frame interval is set to match the minimum.

When I capture the frame data using the ComLib C Interface on my computer, I save timestamps with every received frame.
My timestamps are showing 2.5 to 3.5 ms gaps between frames.

I assume the reason this time doesn't match the frame time because my program has some overhead for writing data to file, but what does that mean for the Position2Go?
Am I skipping frames because I can't request as fast as the frame interval? Am I receiving frames that could potentially be several milliseconds old?
How exactly does the Position2Go to ComLib interface data buffer work?