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    Hi Michael, Thanks for the link to the...

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for the link to the example. It looks like the example has used the same solution, giving INTERRUPT_0 the same interrupt priority as INT_SYNC0 and INT_SYNC1.

    In my case...
  2. Hi, Just an update to close off the thread. ...


    Just an update to close off the thread.

    The connection to the marking head is via a Y-coded hybrid cable (Ethernet and power). I purchased a "Y-cod. / D-cod. Ethernet + A-cod." T coupler...
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    XMC4800 EtherCAT Fatal Sync Error


    I have been getting the occasional Alarm Status 0x002C: Fatal Sync Error occur from my EtherCAT master. My project is based on the ETHCAT_SSC_AUT_BASE_XMC48 example project. I have...
  4. After a bit of time checking with the...

    After a bit of time checking with the oscilloscope (and checking EtherCAT register 0x92C, System Time Difference) it looks like the variance is in the 10's of nano seconds, so I probably don't need...
  5. Hi, I decided that since I wasn't using any...


    I decided that since I wasn't using any SPI components I would suck it and see, so I configured and connected to pins 4.3 (user header select) and 3.11 (user header DOut / MOSI). It looks...
  6. Syncronizing a PWM to the EtherCAT distributed clock


    I have an XMC4800 Auotmation Board V2 running an EtherCAT application controlling a thirdparty component via the eth port at a high data rate (125kHz). I'm using the PWM_CCU8 interrupt with a...
  7. Hi, I've just been giving this a go over the...


    I've just been giving this a go over the last couple of days too. I have found that it works when the bootloader app is in debug mode but not when it is in release mode.

    I used nm to check...
  8. XMC4800 Automation Board V2 compliance with standards


    I'm designing up a label for the box we are putting the XMC4800 Automation Board V2 in. I was wondering what standards it complies with.

    - RoHS
    - CE
    - UL

  9. Hi Jesus, As far as I can tell the marking...

    Hi Jesus,

    As far as I can tell the marking head conforms to the document you linked. From the tech sheet it looks like is doesn't required termination resistors between the magnetics and the...
  10. Hi Jesus, I have now tried all of the enum...

    Hi Jesus,

    I have now tried all of the enum values, without the tap plugged in, none of which get the Ethernet comms working. When I have my tap plugged in to the TX+ / TX- wires any of the...
  11. XMC4800 Automation Board V2 network connection not working


    I have the XMC4800 Automation Board V2. My project is using both the EtherCAT and Ethernet components of the board. The Ethernet side is being connected to a thirdparty marking head...
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