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    Sticky: Hi,all: Is there any example on how ethercat...

    Is there any example on how ethercat nodes can be linked like daisy chain and pass message in relay to the master? And how can I monitor the chain is working fine with TwinCat?
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    XMC4800 Ethercat PHY do not work

    Hi all:
    I designed a board using XMC4800 as the controller and KSZ8001 as the ethercat phy.
    The MCU works fine, and the Regs of the PHY can be read correctly with XMCLIB function, but the...
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    HI,all,I made a silly mistake.The...

    HI,all,I made a silly mistake.The LWIP_TCP_ECHO_RAW_XMC45_RELAXKIT example work quite well,just need to reset the kit,and then it work.
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    Raw TCP echo on XMC4800 error

    I try to compile a raw tcp echo program on XMC4800,with Eth APP & lwip. The compile result always
    contain error,no warning. I donot know how to correct the error. Any expert can help...
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    Hi: Could Infineon publish formal examples...

    Could Infineon publish formal examples of TCP echo on the forum? The two example above are empty, nothing but the tcp echo from LWIP. I have to spend much time to read the similar program...
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    Issue solved. In the SSC tool installed files,...

    Issue solved. In the SSC tool installed files, there are templates, recompiled according to different setting of SSC. I checked the file,and its work now.
  7. issule solved,when I set the "create flash image"...

    issule solved,when I set the "create flash image" item according the PDF file . Thanks!

    I spent several days to compile the programme,quite frustrating. There are still 3 errors left, I am not sure if the compiled bin file can be used.
    Could any one help me with...
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    About EtherCat slave stack code tool 5.12

    I am using the Slave Stack Code Tool 5.12 to generate the SRC files, and I find some setting that dows not match with the pdf file....
  10. Thank you ,sir. The problem solved when I set...

    Thank you ,sir.
    The problem solved when I set the j-link gdbservercl rightly.
  11. Need J-link license to debug demo board in DAVE?

    I am user of the evaluation board of Infineon" KIT_XMC48_RELAX_ECAT_V1" . When try to debug the board, a messsage popped "The selected device "unspecified" is unkown to this version...
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