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  1. Thread: Simulink and XMC

    by Charm

    Hello Panos, XMC Simulink library is in the...

    Hello Panos,
    XMC Simulink library is in the making, on the way...
  2. Replies

    Sticky: Poll: Search engine is enhanced on Infineon Forums

    Good news! The search engine on Infineon Forums has been enhanced.


    Let us know if it is working good for you? We value and thank you all for your feedback. :cool:

    Note: Poll closes in 10...
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    Hello Pranoti, the above data are measured with...

    Hello Pranoti, the above data are measured with due diligence in our lab. You should be able to take this to your customer for their evaluation. Cheers.
  4. XMC1200 microcontrollers - Lights up the World. Win Apple iPad mini monthly!

    Infineon Technologies Lights up the World.
    Grab your chance to win top prize every month. Yup - EVERY month.

    Top prize this month:
    Apple® iPad® mini with Retina display 16GB :cool:

  5. Infineon 4 Engineers Facebook page achieved 25,000 fans!

    Woohoo! A new milestone for our Infineon 4 Engineers Facebook page - 25,000 likes. :D

    Thank you, come visit the Facebook page again soon.

    Congratulations to our Facebook team.
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    On 2) I don't think this is possible due to the...

    On 2) I don't think this is possible due to the nature of the On-chip Flash. The reason to run from RAM is so that can execute key functions while Flash is busy. Key functions include interrupt and...
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    Agree with all of you! We are in process to get...

    Agree with all of you! We are in process to get (2) implemented.
  8. Prize winners announcement Congratulations to:...

    Prize winners announcement

    Congratulations to:
    1) abc
    2) chippy
    3) xyz

    All winners will receive a separate email notification from Infineon on how to collect your prize.
  9. Kindly note participation to this event is...

    Kindly note participation to this event is closed. Thank you for your interest and participation!
  10. 690 A system block diagram of the water level...

    A system block diagram of the water level measuring tank I am building!
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    Hello adambriz88, please write to Travis your...

    Hello adambriz88, please write to Travis your contact email that we can link you up.
  12. Event 2014-trial: What I would build with XMC1000 (I am getting the XMC 2GO kit free!

    In collaboration with 651, we are glad to assist you to...

    Uncover the possibilities with XMC1000!

    Share your idea by a brief description of what you would build with XMC1000.
    Better if you...
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    Get up-to-date on XMC and DAVE!

    Never miss out on the latest, get up-to-date on XMC and DAVE. From link below, click on option inside "Forum Tools" to subscribe to respective sub-forum and receive email updates on a regular basis...
  14. NTU-Infineon Design Competition - Winning solution

    Energy Cloud System for Smart Home and Building


  15. DAVE Technical Video Series - great help to new and getting started users!

    New to DAVE(TM)? Getting Started?
    Check out the recently released DAVE technical video series (total 6 videos including introduction)!
    1. Setup the Application (DAVE setup)
    2. Using the Integrated...
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