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  1. Dear reader! Embedding C++ in C isn't directly...

    Dear reader!
    Embedding C++ in C isn't directly possible, vice versa does. But it is really possible if you use a cpp wrapper where you return cpp functions to c.
    Useful link:...
  2. I2C-Bus issues

    Hi there!

    I have managed the issue with I2C-Bus by reinitializing the bus if there is a problem with bus devices
    Take account on example code for XMC4500 with DAVE 4 CE at...
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    Hi Rick! You are in the wrong preprocessor...

    Hi Rick!
    You are in the wrong preprocessor window! If you add in ARM-GCC Assembler ->Preprocessor XMC_DEBUG_ENABLE , the XMC_DEBUG("HELLO WORLD\n"); would work. But pls. be adviced to enable...
  4. Hi. I had same Problems- I couldn't program the...

    Hi. I had same Problems- I couldn't program the debug Option at a brandnew XMC1302 µC via BMI. The Problem was an updated SEGGER-Jlink. My Workaround: Install DAVEV4.3.2 again with delivered SEGGER...
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    Hi Val-R! Indeed window is read only. You could...

    Hi Val-R!
    Indeed window is read only.
    You could modify Memory under
    select by right mouse key your "Project[Active-Debug]" and step to "DAVE PROJECT UPGRADE", select "DEVICE UPGRADE" ; here you...
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    Hi frankvh2! You can enable last opened file...

    Hi frankvh2!
    You can enable last opened file under
    unhook Option under "Close all opened Editors on active Project Switch"
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    Hi, I have broken off the onboard Debugger of XMC...

    Hi, I have broken off the onboard Debugger of XMC 1200 Bootkit, provided with 8 pol Header and onboard ribbon cable.
    Provided my target witha brandnew XMC1302 (€1,80 at RS-Components!) and 8 pol...
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    days_of_week in RTC_GetTime not updated

    Hi, I have to report, that variable "days_of_week" is not updated caused by missing
    time_val.daysofweek=current_time->daysofweek; in rtc.c at line 288+1

    existing Code in Function RTC_GetTime()...
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    Pls find attached the Zipped Project
    Open DAVE 4.3.2 --> File Import -> DAVE Project -> Select Archive File ->
    It is developed for XMC1302 BOOT Kit, but you could easily make...
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    I2C-Software Watchdog

    Hi, to stabilize communication at I2C-Bus, I have added a "SW-Watchdog" function which prevents from stucking in while-loop, using DAVE 4.3.2
    Step 1: Add SYSTIMER_0 to your application, refer to...

    Hi, I have done same challenge but works perfect with XMC4500 as Master and XMC1302 as Slave/Master Sensor node.
    The Project data:
    XMC4500 acts as I2C-MASTER. Sends DateTime from LwIP and other...
  12. Hi Zain! First, thanks for quick reply. ...

    Hi Zain!
    First, thanks for quick reply.
    Indeed, I haven´t spent "lot of" time on Table 8 in datasheet and USIC-module Chapter 14, respectively (I fully trusted to the assignment maskout option of...
  13. DAVE4.0.0 is not able to grant your last hardware resources request at XMC1100

    I'm using DAVE 4.0.0 and be enthusiastic using whole workflow, especially new Mylyn which is outstanding.
    In my Project I use one UART_0 for Serial comm. But if I (1.) ADD NEW APP --> UART or...
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