View Full Version : ADC001 App only converts 8 channels when configured to convert 9 channels

Aaron Walsh
Jun 28th, 2013, 05:49 AM
I have configured the ADC001 App to acquire 9 analogue channels (8 channels in Group A and 1 channel in Group B) with NVIC002 configured to generate an interrupt on each conversion event.

However only 8 analogue values are generated before the ADC001 loops round to the first channel again. I was also expecting Group B to equate to Group Number 1 rather than 3. The order of groups and channels as they occur in my interrupt handler are...

Group Channel Counter
----- ------- -------
3 3 8 ! Was expecting Group 1 Channel 0 here
0 7 7
0 6 6
0 5 5
0 4 4
0 3 3
0 2 2
0 1 1
3 3 0 ! Was expecting Group 0 Channel 0 here (9th analogue value)

0 7 8
0 6 7

I also tried configuring the project for 10 channels but then only 9 channels were acquired, still no Group 0, Channel 0 (the last channel).

The project is configured to run on the Infineon Hex kit for xmc4500 with stepping code AA and can be downloaded from...


Any help or workaround would be greatly appreciated


Jun 30th, 2013, 11:20 PM
Hi Aaron,

Unfortunately I am unable to download your code. However, I have no problem to get the conversion results with correct sequence. Attached is for your reference.


Best regards,

Aaron Walsh
Jul 1st, 2013, 01:37 AM
Hi Sophia,

Thank you for your very fast reply.

I ran your ADC001_XMC4500_AA project and got the same 'Result' array in the Variables tab. However the potentiometer on the Hexagon kit did not change any of the 'Result' values.

I then checked the 'Manual Pin Assignment' dialog and found the 8 x 'IO001' Apps were not connected to any pins, so I fixed this.

The 'Result' array was updated once only so I tried to check the 'ADC001' App 'Autoscan Mode' option but the check box always remained clear. I cannot explain this because I have been able to check this option in the past.

So I added the 'ADC001_GenerateLoadEvent(&ADC001_Handle0);' function call to the 'GlobalResultEvent' function when 'count>8'. The 'Result' array now updates continuously.

This all works well so I will re-visit my code.

Interestingly your ADC001_XMC4500_AA project 'Result' array shows Group Numbers 2 and 3 whereas my ADC001_XMC4500_AA project 'Result' array shows Group Numbers 0 and 3.


I will keep you informed if I find further problems.

Thanks again to you and ZhengL
Best regards