View Full Version : Gate Driver selection for 80V TOLL MOSFETS

Sep 5th, 2017, 05:33 AM
Hi everyone,

i have to design 3 phase inverter to drive induction motor. Input is directly connecting from the battery of 80V and 300A rating so i choose 80V 300A OPTIMOS POWER TRANSISTOR IPT012N08N5.
So my question is how to choose gate drivers for this mosfet and what are the considerations i have to do to design 3 phase inverter.

Thank you

Sep 7th, 2017, 08:10 PM
Hi Kiran,

To protect the MOSFET the voltage rating should be larger than battery voltage rating, IPT015N10N5 would be better.

For gate driver selection the frequency, gate peak current and voltage class must be considered, you can use Infienon online Finder tool to find a suitable driver:
https://www.infineon.com/cms/en/product/solutionFinder.html?channel=db3a30433f764301013f7a c14a202663#!showAllParameters=false&v_g=2bd7d3e3e03d49928a14e73e760e5866&5546d4624933b8750149389ffe6022e2_remark=5546d46949 09da48014909dedc9c2f8b&5546d4694909da48014909dbfc1e00fa_remark=5546d46949 09da48014909dedc9c2f8b&radioOption1=5c4569061a1d11e381a2d5647316121c&sort=group&sortField=SMALLEST

This app note about floating MOSFET gate driver for your reference: