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Jun 23rd, 2016, 01:54 AM
Hello everybody.

I wonder what exaclty is behind "Dedicated Emulation Device" term, for example TC1791ED.
What I should know about this, what main diffrent is to standard version.

Thank you.

Jul 27th, 2016, 07:45 AM

Basically, the Emulation Devices have extra memory and features to support trace. So, if you have a debugger with a licence extension to support trace and an emulation device fitted to your target hardware then you can use this extended debug feature. There are other differences as well, but this is the main thing.

I hope this helps.

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Nov 16th, 2016, 03:22 AM
Dave, thank you for your answer.

Unfortunately from about Jun 23rd, 2016 I am not able to get TC1791ED from anywhere and this is real problem for me. Luckly or not I can get TC1791S-384 F200EP AB where in PMU1 is 1MB PFlash instead 2MB comparing to 512 version.
Can you please refer me to some documents that will give some more data about PMU0 and PMU1, will memory address be different in both IC?
Thank you.

Dec 6th, 2016, 08:02 AM
The size of Data Access Overlay (OVC) is mainly different between PD version & ED version.
You can search User Manual with key word "Emulation".