View Full Version : TC277TE-Watchdog Timer

Veeresh Biradar
Jul 22nd, 2014, 11:15 PM
Hello Support team,
I would like to request you issue related to Watchdog Timer.Target details are as below:
Controller: TC277TE
I have configured WDT to enable and reload count given as '0xF000'. WDT status also showing in the status registers that WDT is enabled. Please find attahced files for the configuration and status register values. In the test code, we are not refreshing WDT to simulate WDT reset after timeout. But reset is not happening after timeout also. We have observed configured reloaded count is not reflecting in the status registers (but updated in the WDTCPU0CON0).
And we also observed that eventhough WDT is enabled by default (with count 0xFFFC), it is not getting reset even if we dont refresh the Timer.

Veeresh B