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Nov 11th, 2013, 07:08 AM
I tried to find a way to run all timers I use simultaneously. There is some information in the document I have (Reference Manual V1.0, 2012-02).
In the timer initialization procedure I found:
9th Step:For all the Timer Slices that should be started synchronously via SW, the
specific system register localized in the SCU, CCUCON, that enables a synchronous
timer start should be addressed.

Unfortunately I didn't found any explanation about usage of the CCUCON in the Reference Manual.

So I have two questions:
1. Is it possible to configure all timers of XMC4500 to start them simultaneously?
2. If possible then how?

Thank you in advance.

Dmitry Podobedov
Nov 19th, 2013, 08:01 AM
Just a simple example

* Configuring External Start
// Select rising edge for Event 0 (used for synchronous start)
WR_REG(slice_reg->INS, CCU8_CC8_INS_EV0EM_Msk, CCU8_CC8_INS_EV0EM_Pos, 1);
// External Start Signal (Event 0) CCU81.IN0H <= SCU.GLCCST81 (Global Start)
WR_REG(slice_reg->INS, CCU8_CC8_INS_EV0IS_Msk, CCU8_CC8_INS_EV0IS_Pos, 7);
// External Start Function triggered by Event 0
WR_REG(slice_reg->CMC, CCU8_CC8_CMC_STRTS_Msk, CCU8_CC8_CMC_STRTS_Pos, 1);

// Global synchronous start of some CAPCOM timers

Nov 19th, 2013, 08:51 AM
Thank you, Dmitry.