View Full Version : XMC4500 Tip of the day: Features of SDMMC

Nov 3rd, 2013, 07:12 PM
The SDMMC Host Controller handles SDIO/SD protocol at transmission level, packing data, adding cyclic redundancy check (CRC), start/end bit, and checking for transaction format correctness. Some useful applications of the SDMMC includes memory extension, data logging, and firmware update.

System Interface
Data transfer using Programmed IO mode on AHB Slave interface

SD/SDIO/MMC Card Interface
Transfers data in 1 bit and 4 bit SD modes and SPI mode
Cyclic Redundancy Check CRC7 for command and CRC16 for data integrity
Variable-length data transfers for SD/SDIO cards
Designed to work with SD I/O cards, Read-only cards and Read/Write cards
Supports Read wait Control, and Suspend/Resume operation for SD/SDIO cards
Supports MMC Plus and MMC Mobile
MMC Card detection for insertion/removal
Error Correction Codes (ECC) for eMMC 4.4 cards
Password protection for MMC cards
Two 512 byte buffer for data transfers between core and cards
Handles FIFO overrun and underrun conditions