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  1. XMC4000 timer details - are they 32 bit timers ?
  2. XMC4500 Timers - are they 32 bit ?
  3. XMC4500 Data sheets ?
  4. Xmc4000
  5. XMC4500 - PWM pinout capability at XMC4500 (QFP144)
  6. Bit-banding in the XMC4500
  7. Xmc4500 webserver
  8. XMC4500 - WEBSERVER001_Example2, how manage requests from web page?
  9. ARM Cortex-M0 Microcontroller at Infineon: XMC1000 Family
  10. XMC4500 I2S questions
  11. Xmc-4500 can
  12. Half-Bridge PWM on the XMC4000
  13. Looking for XMC 4500 UART App example code
  14. Looking for XMC 4500 UART Bootloader example code
  15. MemTool 4 - Bootloader activation for the XMC4500
  16. Infineion xmc4500 relax kit spi communication
  17. ITM printf style debugging not working
  18. the new home for XMC1000
  19. SDRAM on EBU interface
  20. Counting direction of CCU4/CCU8 timers
  21. Use EBU and SDMMC Interface on same Application
  22. Setup PWMSVM01 using DAVE3
  23. CCU4 Modul PWM
  24. Vbus Max. Values?
  25. Keil ÁVision V4.70 Patch
  26. USB Bootloader XMC4000
  27. [Relax Kit] Using and extending the WebServer demo app example
  28. Can't update CCU4 timer without adding nops between start/stop
  29. TX RX pins
  30. Pin Assignment XMC4500
  31. XMC4500 problems with interrupts
  32. XMC4500 Software Design Without DAVE (Eclipse)
  33. XMC1000 Song
  34. synchronizing adc conversions to pwm
  35. XMC4500 Quadrature Decoder Example
  36. XMC1000 Reset BMI
  37. Delta Sigma Decoder (DSD)
  38. USIC ( Serial Communication ) Question
  39. Unresolved inclusion <DAVE3.h>
  40. Incorrect USIC resources handling in DAVE
  41. USBVC001_Example1 XMC4500 - USB virtual com demo
  42. XMC4500 - No return from Ethernet DMA Reset
  43. XMC1100-configure analog-digital converter
  44. Can I connect 2 Quadrature Encoders to a XMC4500 Relax Kit Lite?
  45. Solver Report "Problem Not Solvable at all"
  46. U2Cx With Dave 3.1.16
  47. FreeRTOS on xmc4500 Relax Kit
  48. How to connect and use External RAM??
  49. Need Sample Code for SCC (SPI) Slave mode
  50. Webserver_xmc4500_relaxkit problem
  51. SQLite on XMC4500
  52. DX2ST Interupt in USIC SPI Slave Mode
  53. External Interupts
  54. RTOS web server on XMC4500
  55. USBBL001_ Example1
  56. UDP Ethernet connection
  57. ADC EMUX Pins
  58. Global Start of CCU Units
  59. XMC4000 VDDC pins (Core Power supply pins)
  60. Capture/Compare Units
  61. Changing configuration of DMA002
  62. XMC4500 and UART multiple data transmission problem
  63. Problem with I2C library migrating from XMC4000 to XMC1000
  64. xMC4000 Flash endurance.
  65. XMC4000 ADC User Guide published
  66. Dave 3 & XMC4500 Documentation
  67. Problem using USBVC001 App
  68. Tips of the day: XMC4500, VADC Result register for debugging
  69. DAVE3, XMC4500 and Threads
  70. XMC4500 TIP of the day: How to store web pages in the XMC flash memory
  71. Flashing without DAVE
  72. XMC4500 Webserver example for IAR
  73. help to start development on XMC platform
  74. emulated eeprom
  75. How to running arm math library functions in psram of xmc 4500
  76. Problems with the Relax Kit-Board SPI-communicaton
  77. Xmc4400 hrpwm
  78. [XMC Series] IAR Library
  79. XMC1000 TIP of the day: Communicated with PC Terminal Program
  80. XMC1000 Motor Control Application Kit webpage is up!
  81. XMC1000 Boot Kit Application Examples released
  82. Camera control for digital camera Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ30 using XMC1200
  83. xSPY and XMC1300 FOC Motor Control not work properly.
  84. TIP of the day: Changing XMC1000 Boot Mode Index (BMI)
  85. USBVC001_Example1 XMC4500 Relax Lite - using PWMSP001
  86. [XMC4500 Relax Lite Evaluation Kits] Push Button as External Trigger
  87. XMC4500 Webserver example for Keil
  88. custom board with XMC-1100: SWD communication problem
  89. Tip of the day XMC4500: ERU on XMC4500 Relax kit
  90. XMC1000 TIP of the day: Closed-Loop Control for MCLK adjustment
  91. UL Addressing Requirements
  92. ADC002_App 1.0.16
  93. Clock Failure on Relax Kit
  94. Error on adding example Apps to Dave
  95. Tip of the day XMC4500: CCU4/CCU8 Timer Concatenation
  96. POSQE_001 not working properly
  97. [XMC4500 Relax Lite Evaluation Kits] ADC001
  98. Digital PFC using XMC4400
  99. Tip of the day XMC4500: Enable Interrupt compare match while counting down
  100. Using DAVE3 provided header files
  101. XMC4500 Tip of the day: Shadow registers for CCU4 and CCU8
  102. XMC4500 Tip of the day: Calculate the PWM Period and Duty Cycle for CCU4 / CCU8
  103. PWMMP001 Period Match Interrupt
  104. XMC4500 hexagon kit port configuration for CAN
  105. Solution: 2x complemetare pairs pro one CCU8 slice using existing Dave Apps
  106. Force low and force high on PWM outputs on the fly
  107. XMC4500 Tip of the day: Active / Passive Rules (CC4yST/CC8yST)
  108. PWM outputs enabled/disabled during run-time.
  109. XMC4500 Tip of the day: External Events Control (CCU4/CCU8)
  110. XMC4500 Tip of the day: PWM Dittering
  111. XMC1000 Tip of the day: Flicker free LED lighting control
  112. memory overflow FreeRtos
  113. One OGU signal for many Trap inputs
  114. [XMC4500][Relax Kit Lite][Failed to connect target]
  115. I2S on XMC Relax Lite Kit
  116. XMC1000 TIP of the day: BCCU Linear Color Walk
  117. XMC4500 Tip of the day: CCU4 Service request generation
  118. CC8y combined PWM and capture time measurement
  119. XMC4500 Tip of the day: POSIF features and application
  120. XMC1000 TIP of the day: BCCU Exponential Dimming
  121. XMC1000 and IO00x_ReadPin
  122. LEDTS app in XMC1200
  123. SPI (SSC) Slave Mode
  124. OneWire App or Library?
  125. XMC4500 Timer Thread using CMSIS-RTOS not working
  126. Looking for XMC4500 CAN bootloader example
  127. There is no H/W connections for alarm events between DSD and other peripherals
  128. Changing the header in MemTool
  129. undefined reference to `arm_sin_cos_f32'
  130. XMC1000 TIP of the day: Receive Interrup in USIC module
  131. XMC4500-F144x1024 AB & EBU (SDRAM)
  132. RelaxKit: Replacing the crystal
  133. XMC4500 USB Mass Storage Device Example
  134. XMC1000 TIP of the day: EOF handling for SSC Protocol (Host)
  135. XMC4500 Software Design Without DAVE ISimulink from Matlab)
  136. XMC1000 ... P0.8 won't toggle.
  137. Is it possible to use EBU and ETH on the same part (XMC4500)?
  138. BLDC app and bootstrapping
  139. Uart Interrupt occurs only with straight bit values
  140. Is this a documentation error in Board_Users_Manual_XMC4500_Relax_Kit-V1_R1.1_rel ...
  141. XMC 4500 Using All ADC Channels
  142. XMC 4500 more than 4 UARTs not possible
  143. begginer: XMC 4500 Relax lite kit
  144. HRPWM - device guide with examples.
  145. XMC4500 Tip of the day: Ethernet MAC overview
  146. XMC1000 Boot Kit -- Getting Started Videos available !
  147. Video: Intelligent LED Lighting with XMC1000
  148. Need Suggestion for hire R&D jpb
  149. XMC1100 Tip of the day: SWD and Infineon Memtool connection
  150. ADC arbiter stop working sporadically
  151. Relax Kit mounting holes - what size are they, and what is their location?
  152. Runtime reroute of P2.5 functionality
  153. [XMC1000] Vector Table Offset Register
  154. XMC1302 VADC external reference
  155. Problem while Debugging XMC1100 Boot Kit (Error creating session)
  156. Why xmc1300 P0.8 won't toggle.
  157. Analog input impedance for ADC channels on XMC 4500 Hexagon Kit
  158. XMC4500 TIP of the day: DMA descriptor in Ethernet Module
  159. ERU logical AND and OR
  160. [XMC1000] Remap program location
  161. XMC1000 TIP of the day: External Oscillator Circuit using On-Chip Comparator
  162. XMC4500 example code for enabling NMI on pin P0.0
  163. XMC4500 Tip of the day: Ethernet core features
  164. XMC1000 TIP of the day: Power Management
  165. XMC1000 TIP of the day: Deep Sleep Mode
  166. Determine when UART is done
  167. XMC_4500 Relax Kit
  168. XMC4500 Hexagon-Kit: HMI + ADC don't work together sometimes
  169. XMC4500 Tip of the day: Flash Write and OTP Protection
  170. USB transfer speed
  171. Atep aa ab ac differences
  172. XMC4500 Tip of the day: Flash Protection for XMC4000 family
  173. XMC4500 Tip of the day: GPIO Port Output Modification Register
  174. XMC1000 TIP of the day: Service Window Watchdog timer
  175. XMC4500 Tip of the day: Backup clock source
  176. XMC4400 ASC BSL protocol
  177. XMC 1300 Boot Kit - Memtool
  178. Unique Serial Number or Mac Address in XMC4400
  179. XMC4500 Tip of the day: Flexible CRC Engine
  180. QSPI Flash + DMA, is it possible?
  181. XMC4500-768AB FLASH write fail
  182. Uart rx int. problem
  183. USB comms intermitent on xmc4500
  184. Die Temperature Sensor
  185. XMC1000 TIP of the day: Generating Interrupt from Port Pin
  186. XMC4500 Tip of the day: Parity error
  187. Sample Project for Quadrature Encoder input to POSIF via CCU4 - Target XMC4400
  188. Setting up a CAN RX FIFO
  189. XMC1100 initial programming only async (UART) loader?
  190. XMC1000 DCO calibration
  191. How to check if clock for the PSOIF module is running?
  192. Disable Receive on USIC in ASC mode
  193. XMC4500 Tip of the day: BootROM on-chip firmware
  194. XMC4500 high resolution timer
  195. XMC4500 USIC FIFO size
  196. XMC4500 Tip of the day: Cortex-M4 Processor Mode and Privilege Levels
  197. XMC4500 software reset
  198. XMC4500 Tip of the day: Reset control
  199. Bus fault while disabling interrupt
  200. Xmc4500 flops
  201. XMC4500 Tip of the day: Features of Watchdog timer
  202. XMC1000 TIP of the day: RTC function
  203. XMC4500 Tip of the day: Digital to Analog Converter
  204. XMC1000 TIP of the day: Alarm feature in RTC
  205. Synchronized ADC w Background Read
  206. XMC4500 Tip of the day: Power Management
  207. XMC4400 SWD and ETM
  208. XMC1300 UART002_EXAMPLE_XMC13 with RTOS
  209. XMC4500 relax kit I2C SCL drop out
  210. Problem using FLASH002-App
  211. XMC4500 Tip of the day: External Bus Unit for external memories or peripheral
  212. XMC4500 Tip of the day: Features of SDMMC
  213. How to set ADC XMC1300
  214. XMC4500 Tip of the day: Power supply current
  215. XMC4500: Single ADC
  216. Interfacing LCD display to XMC 4500
  217. XMC1000 Motor Control - Speed Ref Pot & ADC (DC Current)
  218. memtool - jlink batch file
  219. Bsl
  220. high performance MIMO control system: best practices (XMC1302)
  221. XMC1300 PMSMFOCH05_Example1
  222. XMC4500 Tip of the day: Service Request Processing
  223. XMC4500 synchronous PWM start
  224. IO004_ReadPin
  225. Using external power supply on VDDC
  226. XMC4500 Tip of the day: Real Time Clock
  227. XMC4500 I/O pin reset state, default configuration
  228. App Flash002
  229. XMC4500 Relax Kit: Webserver demo - Crash on HTTP-Request
  230. IIC with FIFO. What is wrong?
  231. XMC 1302 ADC offset
  232. XMC1200 series with DALI solution ???
  233. XMC4500 - CAN bit time analysis
  234. TSE-Sensor in XMC1202
  235. [XMC1202] Flashing of CCU40 while using fractional Prescaler
  236. XMC4500 Flash Programming via TCP/IP
  237. BMI: Reset User Productive Mode (UPM) XMC1202
  238. Audio with XMC4500
  239. XMC4k: CCU4/CCU8 maximum speed for external count
  240. Using CODEC with XMC4500
  241. XMC4500 Relax Kit UARTs
  242. XMC1000 Motor Control - xSpy (speed) scale / kNormSpeed
  243. XMC4500 download problem (who can give me some clue to solve)
  244. Possibly the fastest sinus calculation
  245. XMC4500 BusFault_Handler
  246. XMC1300 debugger
  247. XMC4500 DAC using DMA with 16 bits Single Transfer Width
  248. XMC1300 bootkit
  249. XMC4500 Relax Kit Webserver crash
  250. XMC1300 boot kit debugger