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  1. XMC4500 CAN Communication
  2. XMC4700 XMCLib CCU4 symmetric PWM
  3. c/Probe Crashes every time
  4. Erase a single page on XMC4500
  5. E_EEPROM_XMC4 Emulation.
  6. USB VCOM APP integration
  7. XMC4700. DDR for USIC.SSC - is it possible to?
  8. XMC Library for Embedded Coder
  9. Can Communication Doubts
  10. Xmc 4500 can bus
  11. XMC1400 Hardware Registers
  12. jlink on a raspberry pi cant connect to xmc-link
  13. XMC1000_DFP lib update
  14. SPI to Memory transfer (PGDMA)
  15. XMC4400 LAN port active question
  16. Only one POSIF unit mapped to XMC1400 with VQFN48 package
  17. XMC4500 CAN, listen only but activate and tx on special ID
  18. How to create One Shot Timer ?
  19. XMC4800 EoE
  20. Detect that device has been disconnected from PC USB Host
  21. Math Cordic Square root API
  22. UART via USB
  23. SPI Slave WriteData Problem
  24. xmc4500 wake up from hibernation bit HIBWK is never set
  25. Connect both OPC-UA LWIP and TwinCAT SSC to XMC4800
  26. Connecting both OPC-UA LWIP and EtherCAT SSC slave to XMC48
  27. XMC4200 DAC Problem
  28. POSIF PDBG register always returns 0
  29. Debug with Software Reset XMC 4400
  30. SPI to Memory transfer (PGDMA)
  31. Secure Bootloader for XMC4700 or XMC4800
  32. Memtool installation
  33. XMC4800 USB Ports
  34. XMC4300 without POSIF??
  35. Matlab XMC Library for Embedded Coder Problem
  36. ADC noise different for each group.
  37. CCU8 for PWM Signal Generator
  38. Beginner for Infineon XMC1400
  39. CCU8 Compare Shadow Transfer
  40. How to enable interrupts for USIC module?
  41. Works not in DAVE 4.3.2
  42. Part of the Flash cannot be programmed any more
  43. C/Probe support
  44. Error Programming XMC1402
  45. XMC4500 LCD and barcodescanner
  46. xmc4700 EBU
  47. Does XMC support encoder interface BiSS, EnDAT2., A-Format, T-Format?
  48. XMC4500 RelaxKit Ethernet Connection
  49. CCU4 XMCLib 2 slices capture config timer concatenation
  50. ERU for P2.5 interrupt generation based on pin voltage level(digital)
  51. Execute all code from RAM
  52. XMC1400 - Running from the standby clock (32kHz DCO2) after deep sleep wake-up
  53. XMC4800 CCU8 synchronized start does not work
  54. XMC1400 - Maximum MCLK/PCLK frequency before going to deep sleep mode
  55. CCU8 Multi channel question
  56. XMC4500 I2C Problem (Pin Driving Strength Capability)
  57. XMC4200 VADC Code Optimization
  58. How to change Dave4 PMSM-FOC app from sensorless to Hall ?
  59. No Interrupts in IAR Project with Dave4 Apps
  60. XMC Library and Segger Embedded Studio for UART with XMC4700
  61. question of XMC4800's flash protect
  62. SPI Flash on XMC4500 Relax kit
  63. Sense2GoL Implementing FMCW
  64. XMC1400 Math Coprocessor - poor performance
  65. Sense2GoL Pin description
  66. LWIP eternetif.c driver latest status
  67. XMC1400 Boot Kit SWO with IAR
  68. Voltage monitoring
  69. How to get K value in the PID controller
  70. XMC1400 - Enable debug interface for ASC BSL mode with time-out (ASC_BSLTO)
  71. SPI based micro SD Card interface
  72. Dithering effects multi-channel synchronization, why?
  73. HardFault_Handler while operating flash(NVM)
  74. BSDL file for XMC4500-F144K1024
  75. Problems with FIFO/Gateway on XMCs 4400 Multican
  76. Critical BUG in XMC Chip of the CAN Tx-Fifo
  77. Update XMC1200 Application via ASC BSL
  78. XMC4800 EtherCAT APP Debug Error
  79. .icf Linker script for Example Application XMC1000-SW Update using ASC
  80. XMC4200 USB doesn't transmit data
  81. xmc1400 PRNG seeding
  82. Master SPI for the Reading of multi_channel AD-Convertor / the frame>64bit
  83. XMC 2Go
  84. Checking Power Supply Voltage on XMC1000
  85. CCU8 PWM synchronous : Start, Stop and Restart
  86. (DAVE 4) XMC 2Go - I2C APP - Requesting data from sensor
  87. (DAVE 4) XMC 2Go - I2C APP - Requesting data from sensor
  88. VADC VRef settings
  89. Sense2Go Development Kit Exporting Data
  90. XMC1000 VQFN-24 EAGLE PCB footprint
  91. the demo "PMSMFOCSL01_Example1_XMC13" build project with error
  92. the demo "PMSM_FOC_SL_XMC13" build project with error
  93. CAN bus does not output any signal.
  94. ATTENTION: Update your SEGGER JLink version to latest version (V6.20a as of today)
  96. How to give the master a random and a short address to my slave device?(DALI Protocol
  97. I2C Xmc4700 Relax Kit
  98. DAVE4 + I2C = Problem. (XMC2Go)
  99. EtherCAT SSC Tool - uint16 arrays and uint32 values
  100. CCU4 capture register contains no data with XMC1300 internal temperature over 85 C
  101. XMC1403 can-bus gateway - how to make it?
  102. XMC 2Go I2C error handling when no device is connected
  103. I have a problem when I creating an uart project using DAVE APP
  104. XMC4500 UART not always reciving data
  105. XMC4200 SPI Change SELO pins during program execution
  106. Buck_vc_fix_fq driver
  107. XMC1400: CCU concatenation with underflow in first slice
  108. Micrium uC/Probe for XMC 2go XMC1000 - Oscilloscope
  109. Can't find how to do sensored FOC
  110. XMC1400: Cannot enter in debug mode via SWD
  111. XMC4500 USB VCOM problem receiving less than 2048 bytes on Windows
  112. For changing device in Example Project
  113. XMC1100 Reading 2 ADC's
  114. DAVE - XMC4500 Debugging Bootloader and Application
  115. Arathmatic operations in XMC1400
  116. I need an example of touch-sense LEDTS
  117. XMC4400 floating point operation
  118. I2c only trough apps?
  119. I2C with FIFO TX problem
  120. Can any1 actually put i2c_MASTER app to work?
  121. XMC4500 frequency measurement problem
  122. XMC4800 EtherCAT Phy ICs
  123. USB - EPDisbld interrupt is not asserted after application disables the endpoint
  124. I2C - XMC4700 - I2c_Master App - data analyzer image
  125. Build error while using UART_CONFIG and UART together
  126. Reentrant interrupt handler
  127. XMC4400 VADC FIR FIlter
  128. XMC4400 ADC Post processing and Boundary Check
  129. Inquiry about EtherCAT implementation using KIT_XMC45_AE1.
  130. CAN bus respond to remote request
  131. DMA usage
  132. SD BUS 4-bit mode and ACMD22
  133. Gpio
  134. Help with h-Bridge sinidal PWM_VM Single phase
  135. I2C TX problem
  136. XMC4500 with Matlab (2016a) - LED Blinking Model
  137. is there any time out for ASC bootloader
  138. Code sampes for application note AP32346
  139. VADC slave master problems
  140. XMC4500 uC/Probe oscilloscope
  141. Need Tutorials for XMC4500
  142. Ethercat back-to back MII connection, no PHY.
  143. fopen in DAvE 4.3 (erno = 88) Socket operation on non-socket
  144. Sense2Go or Sense2Go2 Development Kit
  145. I2C Master App fails with two instances
  146. DMA Bootloader and Application conflict
  147. Writing into register
  148. Select active apps while running
  149. Cannot change BMI on XMC1200 Boot Kit, ERROR: Could not connect to target
  150. USBD app could be freeze when disconnecting the cable
  151. On-The-Fly & Synchronized CCU/PWM update for Compare/ Timer-Period
  152. Beginner: UART Application - XMC 1300 Boot Kit
  153. XMC1300 initialization example without generated code or libraries
  154. Please add definition of external trigger to XMC1000 documentation
  155. PC cannot detect device COM PORT
  156. XMC4500 UART only generating interruption for special keystrokes
  157. Address/Data bus implementation?
  158. I2C allcall address for I2C_SLAVE App
  159. Does XMC Library for Embedded Coder support SPI communication?
  160. Can EtherCAT application under any condition be updated?
  161. xmc1300 and ccu4
  162. XMC2Go XMC1100 Need to re-upload firmware when unplugged
  163. sprintf function results in garbage and exception
  164. Using CCU8 for Full Bridge Control
  165. Calculating der CRC32 by external program
  166. XMC4500 i2c problem
  167. XMC PWM_CCU4/PWM_CCU8 APP lowest frequency limited to 1 Hz
  168. XMC1400 UART receive and character problem
  169. xmc1300 and Vadc
  170. DMA does not transfer data
  171. XMC1400 triggered multiple analog-to-digital conversion (vadc)
  172. Tag Connect
  173. XMC4500 Clock frequency
  174. DMA Transfer complete question
  175. sharing XMC input pin for ADC and Comparator Input
  176. DAVE configure SPI in a way that keeps the CS-line low within a frame.
  177. Is LQFP-144 XMC4500 and LQFP XMC4700 Pins definition same
  178. Calling External C Functions in Simulink With XMC Library For Embedded Coder
  179. Exclude APP from DAVE_INIT()
  180. Using DMA on both USIC channels
  181. XMC Library for Embedded Coder and Matlab 2016b
  182. XMC Peripheral Library error?
  183. Timer-based start of UART transmission.
  184. uart config without fifo memory
  185. XMC_VADC_GLOBAL_StartupCalibration () does not confirm that CALS becomes 1.
  186. How to use one fast compare boundary flag as two CCU8 Slices trap input
  187. XMC4200 HRPWM channels and diffrent CCU8 slices
  188. XMC4500 USIC UART stops to work if I enable fSYS to use fPLL
  189. Unable to do send data in UART comminication
  190. Question about SRAM declaration at XMC4700
  191. XMC4800 Automation Board V2 - How to debug / program ?
  192. Help develop a Joystick with XMC4500 with TLE493D-A1B6 3D Magnetic Sensor, OPEN SOURC
  193. About I2C master receive
  194. CCU4 - use one one slice as prescaler for another slice?
  195. XMC4400 Operating as i2c slave HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLP
  196. XMC4500 PWM CCU4 DUTY CYCLE Problem
  197. I2S with XMC1400
  198. SPI Slave on XMC 4700
  199. Changing Buck APP parameters on the fly
  200. Problem Headerfiles global_scu_xmc4.h, global_scu_xmc1.h and C++
  201. DSM does not trigger ISR
  202. Does XMC Library for Embedded Coder support PIL test?
  203. Read Analog data and Transmit via UART in H-Bridge 2 Go Kit
  204. XMC4800 Receive data via Ethernet
  205. Using VADC_GROUP app gives error in VADC around 2048
  206. CAN Repeater / Retransmitter - handling Remote Frames
  207. How to erase a installed Read+Write Protection
  208. How to use the Trigger of the DSM App
  209. How to transmit data on XMC4200 development board via USB
  210. Spi rx-fifio-flush
  211. days_of_week in RTC_GetTime not updated
  212. XMC4800 can't erase firmware update example
  213. IO001 DAVE APP for XMC4800
  214. CAP CCU42-Slice 2 Generates 2 different Interrupts
  215. Debuger for XMC microcontroller
  216. LIN on xmc4800
  217. XMC Flasher is not working
  218. Compatibility EtherCAT Slave Stack Code Version 5.12
  219. XMC4500 CCU4 32Bit PWM
  221. SPI Transmit Problem on XMC4800
  222. Generating Push-PULL PWM signals using CCU8
  223. XMC4200 and printf function using CMSIS
  224. Measuring 2 signals in parallel with XMC1100
  225. 9-bit UART with XMC1200
  226. LPAC and HIB_IO_1 configuration with XMC4400
  227. Station Management Interface for custom PHY (DP83822)
  228. XMC4800. Problem in retriggering the POSIF Index Event Interrupt Routine
  229. XMC 4800 send / receive RAW ethernet frames
  230. How to init uart?
  231. NVIC_SystemReset() stuck in Reset handler
  232. How to get a new XMC1xxx running (out of the bootloader)
  233. 2 Synchronous ADCs for XMC4300 exmaple
  234. Dave-4.2.2 + iSystem shut down
  235. ISP not responding after watchdog timeout XMC1402
  236. JTAG Debugging, multiple XMC (another try to get help)
  237. AC current Measurement
  238. How to program the BMI value with Debug/Flasher Tool?
  239. EBU 16-Bit on XMC4700 with CD on A19 (16 BIT EBU on XMC4500 runs well)
  240. Sense2Go Range finder FMCW
  241. XMC4200 hexagon kit UART with XMClib
  242. XMC4300 Ethercat Connection Problems
  243. ERU to GPIO P0.6 on XMC4700
  244. Unable to reset XMC4400 chip to a specific address
  245. Introduce Software delays
  246. XMC4800 relax kit board debug and program
  247. Operating XMC1300 ADC in slow standby mode
  248. Bug in CPU_CTRL_XMC4 APP
  249. How to get a XMC14xx running without Debugger
  250. Cirrus Logic USB Core in XMC4700