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  1. Infineon xmc4700 relax kit, getting started questions
  2. No Interrupt At USIC0_CH1
  3. UART background oparation
  4. CAN Baudrate Error
  5. EtherCAT CiA402 motor drive profile with XMC4300 or XMC4800
  6. XMC4800 How enter in Hibernate mode?
  7. DMA Problems
  8. arduino and xmc4700
  9. How can i restore projects in the project explorer
  10. ERU event
  11. how to connect USB pins when USB is unused
  12. Maximum execution time for CRC App
  13. UART of XMC1302 not working beyond 19200 baud
  14. Using the XMC4700 relax kit to program any XMC microcontroller
  15. Using a XMC1404 in Gateway mode
  16. XMC4500 + Multiple Slave's, chip selects are working only on one.
  17. Loading the XMC4200
  18. XMC1100 boot kit and uart
  19. XMC4800 Relax Kit SPI SCLK configuration
  20. Runtime XMC4500 program code flashing
  21. Bootloader for XMC4700 Relax Kit
  22. XMC4500 SPI communictaion (as Master)
  23. XMCLib CAN config
  24. XMC4400 Gating ADC
  25. Bootloader for XMC1200
  26. Triggered Delta Sigma DSD example on Dave4
  27. DMA problem using two timers
  28. Solver Query is empty
  29. How to handle CCU timer wraparound in Capture mode?
  30. XMC 1100 SPI Problem.
  31. How to program routine to service Source Event of ADC
  33. IIC slave address and FIFO
  34. IIC SRR clearing
  35. CCU4 Inputs
  36. 3D Magnetic Sensor Output
  37. i2c help
  38. SPI flash driver for XMC4500
  39. XMC1400 adc external multiplexer
  40. UsbCanNode / USB CAN Monitor
  41. Hall sensor and Encoder input to POSIF module of XMC1302
  42. DMA with Linked List
  43. XMC4800: How to use both Ethercat + EBU
  44. DAVE example OPC UA Server
  45. XMC4800 EtherCAT frame processing
  46. Questions about BGT24-RFB2412 Reference Design Board - User Manual (AN380)
  47. SVM on XMC4700
  48. multiCAN setup confusion.
  49. TLV493 and 3D mag sensor evalkit availability
  50. Problems with EtherCAT DC-Sync Mode
  51. HW controlled shift data input
  52. XMC4700. UART receive timeout interrupt - is it possible to?
  53. Problems with synchronized ADC
  54. Problem with PMSMFOCSL01 control (program generated in DAVE3) on XMC1300
  55. spi pins not exposed in xmc 4200
  56. BGT24-RFB2412 Board - Transparent connector
  57. UART XMC1300 boot kit
  58. CMSIS DSP library use for inverse trig functions
  59. XMC4400 Spurious SPI Interrupts?
  60. Raw Ethernet issues with XMC4800 on Relax EtherCAT card
  61. http://goldenhealthcenters.com/skin-balance-cream/
  62. XMC1400 external VAREF for ADC issue
  63. XMC4800 + (Rasperry Pi) + cycloneTCP tcp/ip stack
  64. "Failed to halt processor" on Memtool
  65. LIN Status Flags on TLE9877QXA40
  66. ASC BSL timeout with XMC1400
  67. How to setting ASCBootloader in XMC4500 Relax kit
  68. XMC4200 PSRAM Mapping
  69. Advice set up a continuous repeating PWM signal different freq/duty over 2 time slots
  70. XMC4500: how to force CCU slices to their passive levels?
  71. Changing walktime in XMC1202 on the Arduino shield to low values
  72. Send an SPI Sequence inside an interrupt in XMC4700
  73. Raspberry PI XMC1000 compiler
  74. CCU80_CC81 Event 1 is detected erroneously when calling XMC_CCU8_EnableClock( )
  75. Low pass filter input counter ccu4
  76. ADC triggered by PWM is not getting the ADC Complete interrupt.
  77. Interfacing 16*2 lcd JHD162A with xmc4500
  78. Dave Apps & CAN & Rx/Tx Fifo
  79. Use Percepio Tracealyzer with XMC
  80. 2 outputs PWM with DAVE 4 (XMC4700)
  81. Problem: Fatfs + watchdog
  82. XMC4500: How to use POSIF and CCU to count encorder increments with 32bit?
  83. XMC4500 Relaxkit lite QSPI flash not working
  84. DALI and XMC
  85. XMCLIB: best practice example for CAN reception? (XMC4500)
  86. EEPROM which connected to EtherCAT slave(XMC4300)
  88. QSPI Flash as image storage emWin
  89. XMC4800 Ethercat Distributed Clock sync0 and sync1 issues
  90. Motor Control Application
  91. Time multiplexing
  92. PWM frequency of 1.5 Hz with DAVE APP
  93. PWM and Digital_IO on the same pin using APPS?
  94. Infinite loop instead of break loop
  95. Bootloader for XMC1400 Boot Kit
  96. Flash read protection - cannot connect anymore
  97. How to change into privileged mode?
  98. I2C Bus hangs
  99. Possible to use Ethernet and EtherCAT simultaneously?
  100. Connection between XMC4700 and PC by TCP/IP protocole
  101. Minimal help on forum
  102. USIC TX FIFO not transmitting all my data
  103. FIFO Transmit works only with delay after putting data into FIFO
  104. GPIO Clock
  105. Hello World
  106. Is is possible to use Arduino IDE to program XMC processor?
  107. Multiple external interrupts on XMC4300
  108. XMC4400/4500 Differences
  109. Only Textfiles aviable with FATFS-App?
  110. I2C IsTxBusy function never returns
  111. Configure XMC4500 CCU4/8 in Capture mode
  112. USIC RXFIFO not cleared after writing to TRBSCR->FLUSHRB on XMC4500
  113. Clarification of MultiCan handling of transmission failure
  114. PWM with CCU8
  115. PWM output after stop low
  116. xmc1100 ERU
  117. XMC4700 MULTICAN+ Problem by using DAVE 4 apps
  118. SSC Tool, SSC_Device, and structure for category strings
  119. XMC1100 reset state of flash controller and question about bootloading configuration
  120. Xmc4800 - ieee1588
  121. Pin sharing in XMC1100 (SWDCLK and UART)
  122. XMC1300 PASSWD register
  123. auto baudrate detection
  124. Problems with XMC4500 Relax Kit
  125. Hoe to change the ip address?
  127. VADC reading floating condition
  128. MultiCAN Gateway Example?
  129. XMC1200 listening on two I2C addresses in slave mode
  130. XMC4500 low level driver generation tool
  131. How to get the source code of 3D Magnetic Sensor 2Go built-in firmware?
  132. how to understand the function of catch free???
  133. XMC1302 UART reconfiguring method
  134. EEPROM XMC11 Error Handling
  135. Stack Analyser for XMC4500
  136. XMC1100 ADC Internal reference
  137. XMC4800 TSL client sample code
  138. IDC_LINK_MEASUREMENT for XMC1302 custom board
  139. rise time requirement for PORST
  140. XMC1300 POSIF module
  141. 1-Wire interface
  142. SPI Use inside a Timer interrupt
  143. XMC1300 Boot Kit I2C config
  144. XMC4700: How to achieve a nested interrupt with Dave Apps?
  145. XMC4700 write flash under read/write protection.
  146. XMC4700: slow system clock at runtime instead of sleep modes stalls FreeRTOS timers
  147. Programming XMC1302
  148. Xmc1300 uart
  149. XMC1302 UART Transmit FIFO Configuration
  150. [XMC4800] USIC as SPI - MSLS Problem
  151. USIC as UART
  152. USIC as UART, XMC1300
  153. XMC4800/XMC/4300 on EtherCAT
  154. Implement FMCW on Sense2go board
  155. XMC Lib V2.1.8, xmc_ccu8.h, Error in Function XMC_CCU8_SLICE_SetShadowTransferMode
  156. PWM dead-time adjustment via CCU8_SLICE_CONFIG app
  157. USIC as I2C, XMC1200
  158. I2C to EEPROM memory, XMC1200
  159. I2C to EEPROM memory, XMC1200
  160. I2C to EEPROM memory, XMClib and XMC1300
  161. printf in Keil MDK (v5.23)
  162. USBD_VCOM_SendData Problem
  163. Example to use 4UART in XMC 4700
  164. XMC1300 pure sine wave inverter
  165. Bandwith of SPI and quad-SPI on XMC4300
  166. Not showing VCOM USB port
  167. XMC45 Relax Kit as USB host
  168. XMC4300 and 4800
  169. DALI PHY for XMC-4800
  170. XMC4800 Relax Kit Jlink, no connect
  171. Flash Write in XMC1302 AB revision fails
  172. Flash Write in XMC1302 AB revision fails
  173. XMC4500 Flash Sector S0-S4 write is an issue even with no protection enabled
  174. XMC4500 4700 SINGLE phase inverter
  175. DAC in XMC1302
  176. CORDIC XMC_MATH_Q0_23 format concept
  177. Four SPI and two UART Channels in a single XMC1302
  178. Multiple Communication in XMC1302
  179. XMC1302 Flash Write, ERASE problems
  180. Problem with XMC4400 and MAX44009 sensor light (I2C)
  181. POSIF moudle as cuadrature decoder
  182. incremental encoder with POSIF
  183. XMC1100 RTC ALARM event
  184. POSIF moudle as cuadrature decoder
  185. Sp37
  186. Push Pull half bridge pwm using ccu8
  187. design.infineon.com
  188. The FIFO development in the CAN module of TC275
  189. how to set reoccurring rtc alarm event for XMC1100
  190. Multiple SPI with different configuration
  191. is the external memory memory-mapped to the core, which is connected over EBU?
  192. How to setup a development environment for XMC microcontrollers
  193. XMC4800 EtherCAT high speed sync event
  194. SPI & Shift Clock XMC1200
  195. XMC1400 Mutlican peripheral MSIMASK mask access
  196. IIC Problem!!!
  197. 3D Scanning with Sense2Go
  198. ECAT Slave to Slave communication
  199. Have you successfully used the Sense2Go2 Development Kit?
  200. XMC 4200 CAN Bit Timing
  201. File-access over EtherCAT simple example
  202. Precision Internal Reference of ADC and On-chip Clock Generator problems in XMC1300
  203. Measure PWM Dutycycle
  204. DMA Periphal to Memory
  205. How to Low Speed CAN ???
  206. VADC output graph looks weird in XMC4500
  207. VADC: Problem in converting multiple channels
  208. Can't connect to VD_4_CH_CCM_BUCK_LED_01 (XMC1400 CCM LED Driver Demo)
  209. Using the XMC4700 relax kit to program any XMC microcontroller
  210. New PWM App 4.1.22 Bug?
  211. How to reset data from UART after reading?
  212. XMC1300 ADC peripheral
  213. Question about XMC-4400 HTTP web server.
  214. Program control not coming out of DMA ISR
  215. QR Buck LED Driver XMC14 demo doesn't switch on ZCD
  216. Bootloader for XMC1400 and XMC4700
  217. XMC1200 What is the "FF" block on GPIO Input channel
  218. Re: BMI Issue in XMC1300 J-Link Lite CPU-13A-V1
  219. XMC4200 switch CAN baudrate at runtime
  220. Quadrature Decoder IRQ XMC1300
  221. XMC4500 32-bit concatenated timer
  222. XMC1300 VADC channels with different groups triggered by CCU8
  223. USIC as UART using receive buffer leaves unread characters in buffer
  224. Re: Issue while changing the UART Baudrate during Runtime (DAVE 4.3.2)
  225. XMC-4400 HTTP_SERVER_0 APP Question
  226. Using abm header with optimization
  227. XMC4500 Flash protection in practice?!
  228. XMC1300 CCU8 ISR error w.r.t Service Request Line
  229. XMC4800 EtherCAT Process Data Watchdog event
  230. Dave4 BLDC hall sensor base with SPWM/SPWM example
  231. ABM header with optimization
  232. XMC1300 CCU4 Use for puls generation AND trigger for ADC
  233. TwinCAT Run Configuration XMC4800
  234. How do I slow the motor speed update rate to once every 10 seconds from 1/s
  235. LCD Drive using EBU
  236. How to properly use VADC port to read value from an external potential meter?
  237. how to read output values from BCCU
  238. Schematics for XMC1000 Motor Control Application kit
  239. What allows an interrupt ?
  240. XMC4800 USB BULK Mode driver
  241. Stuck at Erasing 0x0c000000 sector XMC4400
  242. ADC startup calibration time
  243. Webinar: Bluetooth development with Infineon XMC4700
  244. start New DMA transfer to EBU
  245. XMC4700: USIC.SSC over DMA
  246. XMC4700. USIC.SSC over DMA - underflow of RX
  247. Serial Communication between XMC microcontrollers
  248. Multiplex and non-Multiplex Device on same EBU
  249. Bidirectional endpoints (USB)
  250. XMC4700. USIC.SSC over DMA - underflow of RX