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  1. execution time is very slow
  2. possible XMC bug : CCU4 unable to re-start
  3. ADC example in documentation - not working
  4. XMC 2Go UART receive problem
  5. How to update microcontroller in the DAVE project
  6. How to interface 2.2" TFT SPI 240x320 display (ILI9341) with the XMC4500 Relax kit
  7. Dave 4.1.4 ADC_Measurement_0 IRQ: How to enable/disable?
  8. How can I receive more than one byte data in one frame?
  9. XMC Preipheral Library
  10. Strange results when timing math functions
  11. POSIFH01 app configurations
  12. Dave 4.1.4 Grant Hardware resource failed: PWM Compare Match Event to Interrupt App
  13. Example for temperature sensor
  14. what is an wake up event in Hibernate mode?
  15. Vbat monitor LPAC
  16. PC-Lint and DAVE 4
  17. XMC4500 speed up ISR of sync AD conversion
  18. Using BMI-String located in XMC4500 Flash UCB area during Normal Boot mode
  19. XMC2go UART slipped multiple characters problem.
  20. clock control unit(CCU) configuration
  21. UART - streaming data
  22. XMC4500 - SW Trap Exit - Register handling
  23. ERU output
  24. Alternate Functions Configuration on an XMC4700 Relax Kit Series MCU
  25. BCCU as another source of PWM
  26. How to write data of arbitrary type into FLASH of XMC4400?
  27. How to Write Into Boot Rom in XMC4500???
  28. XPSY in DAVE 4
  29. Example for PRNG
  30. PWM output controlled from GPIO
  31. Xmc4200 clocks
  32. XMC_CCU8_EnableClock vs. XMC_CCU8_SetModule Clock + XMC_SCU_CLOCK_Init
  33. Software triggered DMA
  34. common input clock for 3 counters in XMC1100
  35. XMC1x00 frequency deviation questions
  36. XMC_FLASH_WriteBlocks Stuck in Default handler in startup_XMC1300.S
  37. Configuring PLL (writing N, P and K values into register) produces an interrupt?
  38. XMC4500: Separate SPI configuration for each slaves possible ?
  39. XMC4500 linker script modifications
  40. how much PSRAM do have for XMC4100??
  41. can i write into flash while running the code from PSRAM ???
  42. XMC1404 USIC Pins for ASC Bootloader not choosable in DAVE 4.1.4
  43. PWM Trap example
  44. how to switch back from PSRAM to FLASH in xmc4500 ???
  45. GPIO and ERU
  46. TRAP and PWM
  47. Quad-SPI example for relax kit.
  48. Board "KIT XMC14 BOOT 001
  49. Mathfunctions
  50. XMC1100 SPI Problem
  51. filtering
  52. Sd card write example?
  53. ADC value with bar Graph
  54. SSC start/end of frame control
  55. XMC very slow interrupts
  56. UART xmc1400
  57. Xmc4500 -> xmc4700/4800
  58. XMC4500 Running Code from PSRAM??
  59. Multi Tasking
  60. XMC1000/4000 TIP of the day: Dynamic word length and EOF handling with USIC
  61. i2c speed
  62. solver problem in dave 3
  63. Regarding CCU8 example project(AP32288) for XMC4500
  64. Dave 4 Apps missing
  65. PWM and Counter
  66. XMC45 SPI, long time between bytes, even usign DMA.
  67. counter update from software, shadow transfer error
  68. I2C - MPU 9150 Problem
  69. Reloading Prescaler on conatenated counters
  70. Service Request.
  71. Using TRAP+CCU8 to generate two poles within one period of PWM
  72. debugging of interrupt bug - very annoying
  73. timer APP is seems useless
  74. XMC4000 Tips of the day: VADC Wait for Read mode
  75. XMC4700 RTC interrupts are generated more than once per second
  76. XMC1100 in ASC_BSL after Sending application Stream the Application is not running ??
  77. conditional peripheral configuration
  78. asymmetric pwm - CCU4
  79. Test Driven Development on XMC4500 and DAVE?
  80. TRAP bug
  81. CCU8 - SW switch off, ignoring events
  82. XMC4500 tcp retransmission
  83. Problems using unions in DAVE
  84. XMC4500 DMA and 16bit transfer of captured timer value doesn't work
  85. DAVE4 XMC4104 ADC setting BUG
  86. ADC conversion time - confused
  87. ADC - data reduction mode example
  88. SPI frame
  89. Problem while using HWO0 for USIC2 Channel 1 Output
  90. XMC4500 Modbus
  91. xmcLib HRPWM CSG example
  92. CCU8 - invert output and external stop
  93. PWM output to ERU
  94. Internal FLASH erase/write
  95. XMC ERU and CCU 8 capability question
  96. ERU cant trigger TRAP function - XMC bug
  97. XMC1300 Problems with FIFO USIC in UART configuration
  98. XMC1100 USIC output event to trigger CCU4?
  99. XMC1302-ADC QUEUE problem
  100. Where is the app notes on interrupts?
  101. Move from eval board to dedicated board
  102. Error? XMC1100 library uses "SCU_CLK->CGATCLR0 |="
  103. XMC_SCU_UnlockProtectedBits() seems to be dangerous
  104. Dave4 - XMC_2Go_Initial_Start
  105. Low speed internal clock,high Speed internal clock,External Clock.
  106. ADC problem in XMC1100: can't get passed ANRDY
  107. CCU8 app notes - not enough information
  108. Maximum Ethernet Speed with XMCLib and XMC4800 on Relax Kit v1 on 100 Mbit/s not good
  109. CCU8 - Example code showing error in XMC1300 documentation
  110. HRPWM - HRC Dead time insertion for HR and LR paths
  111. 256 KB of contiguous memory in XMC4700?
  112. Move from Dave3 to Dave4
  113. USB COM Port driver for linux
  114. XMC4800 EtherCAT EEPROM Emulation
  115. Analog Port function unclear
  116. ADC app notes insufficient - very annoyed
  117. VADC - Limit Checking Boundary Values Select
  118. XMC 4500 VADC : how use the FIFO buffer to reduce the CPU load.
  119. FAQ for XMC4800 EtherCAT
  120. XMC1100 40Pin QFN - SDW1 issue
  121. XMC1400 boot kit
  122. XMC1300 Boot kit - ERU??
  123. XMC1302 XMC1000_BmiInstallationReq(0xFFC0)
  124. XMC4500 Relax Kit Ethernet Error
  125. HRPWM - Is period adjustment possible?
  126. XMC4400 ERU: Who has triggered?
  127. ADC - data reduction mode - technical question
  128. XMC4700 Errata Entry USIC Parity Mode
  129. XMC1100 - special UART Command to leave User Productive Mode
  130. output level on reprogramming - technical question
  131. XMC4500 clarification for errata PORTS_CM.001
  132. BGT24-RFB2412 Board USB Connection
  133. optimization levels - what do they bring
  134. fast internal clock.
  135. GPIO tri-state on reset unclear - help please
  136. problem with GLOBRES register (XMC1100)
  137. XMC - BCCU as DAC
  138. XMC4000 or XMC1000 Motor Control Application Kit in DAVE4 PWM_BC with POSIF
  139. XMC4500 flash readout protection
  140. XMC1000/4000 Tip of the day: External pin interrupt function with USIC channel
  141. XMC4100 System File Errors
  142. Settings for DC-syncronous (or SM+SYNC0) mode
  143. XMC4400 - Cannot read register after de-asserting reset from VADC
  144. XMC_SCU_HIB_SetRtcClockSource function access to NULL pointer
  145. Dave Apps C++
  146. ETH_LWIP problem to send UDP in RTOS mode
  147. ADC - multi channel example
  148. VADC Problem
  149. variable at fixed memory address
  150. XMC4800 example based on DAVE and TwinCAT is not up to date
  151. Writing several files to SD-Card
  152. Flash Protection of XMC4 family
  153. XMC1100 external interrupt timing problems
  154. XMC4500 create offset for code (DAVE4)
  155. DAVE 4.2.2 - sprintf doesn't work
  156. UART Interrupt isnīt working at XMC1100. HELP
  157. VADC source interrupt problem
  158. VADC - Fast Compare Mode
  159. Dave4 UART Communication XMC4500
  160. XMC4700 Relax Kit with DAVE IDE 4.2.2 Reset_Handler Problem
  161. XMC1302 Kit -> CCU8 Trap???
  162. What is default BMI mode when MCU come out from factory?
  163. XMC 4500 stops working with interrupts and sd card
  164. Setting up TRAP without APPs
  165. UART Prbelm
  166. j-link UART driver
  167. very weird issue debugging XMC4700 in DAVE4 - pls help
  168. Ethercat board Beckhoff Slave Stack Code Tool
  169. FreeRTOS: Wich Version for XMC4800 Ethercat Relax Kit
  170. XMC4800 Ethercat Relax Kit only fpr evaluation ?!
  171. Extern Interrupts
  172. XMC4108 internal oscillator
  173. CCU8 should start other CCU8
  174. Setups for Fallback ABM, Alternative Boot Mode
  175. XMC1400 using FATFS APP in SPI mode returns error
  176. Stack depth analysis tool
  177. Scripting BMI set with J-Flash program
  178. XMC 4500 Ethernet failure
  179. ADC - data reudciton - more than 4 samples?
  180. xmc4500_relaxkit_lwip_httpserver_netconn compile / link error
  181. XMC4500 remove protection
  182. HWSEL vs IOCR
  184. ABM Header
  185. XMC 2Go - I2C - RGB Sensor
  186. Problems with XMC1100 on new board
  187. USIC/UART - PuTTY won't show Tx data; Tx pin is working
  188. Settng BMI with DAVE
  189. setting pin I/O
  190. PWM 8 phase shifted signals
  191. XMC4500 PMU Instruction Buffer Performance Issue
  192. Automatic boot/start
  193. UART in loop-back mode?
  194. XMC4800 UART in DMA mode
  195. Tooling Guide - XMC4000 - ASC Bootloader - Example Code EN
  196. How SP0 and SP1 bits work in the SHSCFG register? (XMC1100, VADC module)
  197. I2C communication with 9-axis sensor LSM9DS1
  198. trying hard fault
  199. Limited number of messages on TCP/IP communication
  200. EBU configuration for SRAM NOR etc
  201. VADC Example for XMC1100 using xmclibs
  202. CCU8 interrupts
  203. XMC4500 Flash Sectors
  204. Recovering I2C on SDA lockup
  205. Subfamily XMC4300
  206. I2S (IIS) MCLK settings
  207. XMC4500 Relax kit Ethernet documentation
  208. CRC_SW_EXAMPLE_XMC13 problem
  209. EBU to control LCD
  210. XMC4xxx -Core supply 1.2V with auxiliary voltage source
  211. XMC4500 ETH-Problems with httpserver_raw-example
  212. About Boot loader
  213. Linker script - SRAM_combined region crosses PSRAM and DSRAM1 bondary
  214. Clarifications for USIC AI.H004 from XMC1100 Errata
  215. CCUCON.GSC40 initial value
  216. XMC4108_F64x64 code gets struck in infinite loop
  217. XMC4108_F64x64 Not able to connect PWM_CCU8_1 period match to interrupt APP
  218. XMC4500 CCU vs. RTC drifts when running in sleep mode
  219. PWM Single shot mode
  220. how to use the ambient light sensor(XMC1200 RGB LED Light)
  221. XMC4500 PMU PFLASH IDLE Behavior
  222. Original codes for XMC4500 relax kit
  223. Ethernet XMC4500 Relax Kit
  224. Reset types
  225. VADC - Startup Calibration
  226. Jlink connection via USB failed
  227. Data streaming with DMA
  228. Modifying DAVE generated source
  229. XMC4500 Max I2C speed
  230. About FAT FS APP usage
  231. XMC4500 Socket server
  232. Communication problem in UART
  233. SPI clock generation problem
  234. DMA Problems
  235. XMC4500 CCU4 / CC4. Set the 'Compare Register' without stopping the timer ?
  236. XMC 4700 and CAN FD
  237. Ref. manual of XMC 4800: Where to find link between pin (e.g. LED1 - P5.9) and IOCR?
  238. Ref. manual of XMC 4800: How set up digital input (e.g. button1 - P15.13) ?
  239. USBD_WINUSB PC application
  240. DAVE 4 debug error: error in services launch sequence
  241. USB overwriting data array
  242. Unexpected DMA behavior
  243. DMA Register Mapping
  244. Use UART over USB at XMC1100 BootKit
  245. XMC4000 Tips of the day: VADC Data Alignment
  246. Debugger don't stops on BP's ?
  247. Where goes XMC_DEBUG Assertions ?
  248. Serial Communication - XMC4500 with Matlab/Simulink
  249. XMC Software reset
  250. How to switch over from Master SPI to slave SPI