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  1. Problems with HRPWM module on XMC4400
  2. SPI Initialization and JinkGDBServer
  3. Linked list multi block DMA transfer with DAVE 4 / XMCLib
  4. SPI in XMC1100
  5. POSIF encoder dont work
  6. USIC/SPI delay compensation
  7. Configuring a GPIO on the XMC4500 hex with PIN extension card.
  8. Dave Examples without Dave?
  9. Flash Physical Sector
  10. not able to assign UART pins for XMC2Go
  11. I2C with Keil and Relax kit
  12. trying to transmit via can
  13. Code in external dsram slow
  14. miniwiggler connection
  15. Access to hardware timer
  16. XMC4400 Ethernet MII Pins?
  17. Use miniwiggler V2.0 with DAVE3 for download
  18. Detect USB disconnection
  19. XMC4200 AUTOSAR Implementation??
  20. XMC1302: Compatible vs. Accelerated Timing Mode
  21. Error message during debugging
  22. SPI slave MISO line issue (XMC4500 + XMC1201)
  23. reading to fast from I2C Bus
  24. Debugging in DAVE4 using Keil-MDK and the ULINK Pro as SWD
  25. writing to SHPR2
  26. XMC4500 SPI Slave App on DAVE 4
  27. XMC4500: ADC sensitivity to supply ripples?!
  28. Sense2Go xmc4200 COM port not detected
  29. XMC4500 ETM Trace Port Configuration
  30. xmc4500 relax kit will it be used for programming the XMC4100/XMC4200 controller
  31. XMC1100 Problems changing BMI from UART to SWD
  32. Synchronous VADC XMC4500
  33. xmc4400 flash "reading" problem
  34. UART App 4.0.1 in half duplex configuration transmit finished interrupt
  35. XMC4500 relax lite kit can not connect to J-Link via USB
  36. Conatinating CC4 in XM1100
  37. xmc1302 hardfault
  38. how PWM output assigned for CCU4
  39. Implementing FMCW on XMC4400 microcontroller
  40. xmc2go and xmclib for UART in dave 4 ?
  41. Infineon joins the EtherCAT community with XMC4800
  42. CCU4 capture on period match
  43. Pin interrupt on XMC1 (via XMC Lib) not working
  44. XMC1300 CCU8 Timer concatenation
  45. Transmit Buffer Error
  46. xmc4500 software reset
  47. port input problem
  48. User Manual for XMC4500 Relax Kit : Onboard volage convertor rating
  49. XMC4500 PFLASH programming
  50. I2C and internal Pullups
  51. Flash Emulated EEPROM: FEE001_JOB_INCONSISTENT
  52. Startup duration increase since latest XMC4000_DFP pack update
  53. XMC 4500 LIN example Code.
  54. ext stop vs. ext gating
  55. hardware floating point
  56. I2C Slave Mode Receive in Burst Mode
  57. XMC4500 LQFP100 Lock Help!
  58. capture full flag
  59. capture and DAVE CE
  60. UART001 Transmission Problem
  61. Set BMI on XMC1300 via memtool
  62. How to check a variable value in debugging process?
  63. Dave - Linked Folder
  64. finding fvco in xmc4100
  65. XMC4500 Unaligned access with STR single
  66. Xmc4500 f100k 1024 ac ees webserver001
  67. VCO LOCK Problem
  68. XMC4500 Embed in a propriatary PCB
  69. Xmc4500 flash size
  70. Flash protection
  71. Flash endurance
  72. multi channel mode
  73. Configuring the Clock for xmc4100
  74. Basic help needed
  75. Use of EVRVADCSTAT Register in XMC4100??
  76. Missing pictures in the API
  77. Problem with XMC4500 Relax kit J-link CDC driver
  78. how to select input clock source for pll in xmc4100??
  79. XMC4500 relax kit lite oscillator
  80. Memory Rendering errors on random Addresses
  81. "Search Forum" function doesn't work
  82. xmc2go UART problem in Dave3
  83. Experience with an XMC4500 Project
  84. Problems with Ethernet without RTOS
  85. thread suspended; No source available for "0xfffffffe() " PMSMFOCSL02_Example1_XMC1
  86. how to configure SPI pins
  87. How to change SDMMC clock for full-speed?
  88. POSIF Interrupts XMC 4500 Relax kit
  89. Enable fallback Alternate Boot Mode (ABM)
  90. Is Dave 4 Version for VADC-DMA example available?
  91. how to access web pages on my board through internet
  92. Why SDMMC sample is 10-times slow than general USB?
  93. XMC4800-LFBGA196 Pinning
  94. DAVE4 CAN Identifier change
  95. Flash reading problems
  96. Reading the Comparator Output in XMC4400
  97. Xmc1000 motor control application kit
  98. SSC transmit
  99. Remote Procedure Call through Internet with SOAP in XMC4000
  100. SSC question
  101. XMC4500 Webserver
  102. EBU Trouble XMC4500, Clock and Burst Flash
  103. Burst Flash with Burst >2 Bursts
  104. 600W BLDC motor control using 750W + xmc1300 kit
  105. XMC4500, DAV4: Problem with Pin Assignment USIC-Module IIC
  106. USIC Tx FIFO not working properly
  107. Cannot set/get bmi
  108. GPDMA with USIC (SPI) Data transfer Master to Slave
  109. Get active on XMC, DAVE Forums and Be Rewarded!
  110. XMC4800 evaluation board / reference design?
  111. Interrupt when SELO on SSC
  112. CCU8 comppare match interrupt issue (XMC4108)
  113. enum in Dave
  114. ASC Bootloader
  115. new Family XMC1400
  116. default parameters in Dave
  117. Problem with frame finished interrupt of Usic Module in Uart mode
  118. How to check USB connection presence?
  119. ADC results are mainly even
  120. IIC Problems with XMC1100
  121. SPI Slave: Pin assigment
  122. How to Set Boot Mode Index using Serial Wire Debug Protocol
  123. Reading from FIFO
  124. LUFA USBlib CDC
  125. Wrong PHY shown in Relax Kit Schematic
  126. comunicate with NRF24L01+
  127. XMC 4100 I2C IN Buffer Full(EEPROM writing Data)!!
  128. Possible FLASH corruption with MemTool
  129. UART can't do two consecutive transmit s in DAVE 4
  130. understanding problemes with in/output with apps in dave
  131. Configuring P0.2 pin for USIC1 Channel0(DOUT3) for TX
  132. Trigger UART Rx if one byte has been received
  133. difference between USER mode and USER mode with HAR
  134. CAP001 understanding problems...
  135. Unable to Set Boot Mode Index From ASC_BSL to SWD0
  136. SPI Receive Problems!!
  137. xmc4100 Clocks
  138. Problem in running XMC4100 CCU4 timer
  139. DAVE 4.1.2 and XMC4500 when using external cpu clock pll doesn't lock
  140. Prerequisites for setting TCSET register (TRBS bit ) in CCU4
  141. Permanent damage to XMC1300 caused by E_EEPROM_XMC1 Dave 4 APP
  142. POSIF App or Example for Dave4 available?
  143. How to Confirm that Controller is Entered Into Hibernate Mode??
  144. CCU4 Timer Concatenation Period Match Interrupt
  145. Calculation of Period Count for CCU4 Timer !
  146. Matrix operations with GSL libraries
  147. XMC4100 Clock Configuration problem
  148. Pin 3.3 Chip Select is not getting toggled.
  149. Implementation of SPI reading and Writing using Same API!
  150. XMC 4100 CAN Transmission Problem!
  151. TXRQ Bit Getting set automatically(by Hardware).
  152. Backup Clock Normal and Pre scalar Problem
  153. XMC4100 Backup Internal Clock Prescalar and Normal mode Configuration problem
  154. Xmc1000 Kit Motor Control
  155. port set/reset
  156. CAN problem of XMC4500 Relax Kit
  157. POSIF AP32289 - I need a example for QUADRATURE DECODER.
  158. XMC4500 Relax Kit can transmit problem
  159. xmc1100 boot kit Connection Problem
  160. DMA XMC4500 concurrent
  161. Error in first character of UART string
  162. CAN (2.7)TX (2.6)RX pins configuration..
  163. Basic steps for configuring Timer in Capture Mode
  164. USIC TX FIFO question
  165. XMC1100 ADC Module Identification Read problem
  166. POSIF APP in DAVE
  167. Problem in running ADC conversion in xmc4100.
  168. Interfacing TDA 5235 with XMC 4100 using SPI.
  169. XMC4400 Reset during Erase Logical Sector S2 : BootROM Normal Boot does not work
  170. How to achieve 50 samples per second sampling rate in ADC ?
  171. How to change UART baudrate on run time.
  172. SPI configuration...for reading and writing a single a byte...
  173. XMC4000 TIP of the day: VADC Fast Compare Mode
  174. Interrupt from multiple GPIOs
  175. ADC with 2 channels (XMC1100)
  176. Tooling Guide ASC Bootloader XMC4500
  177. Software Interrupt without Apps
  178. POSIF counting
  179. XMC 4100 SPI Problem!
  180. 8 Pins from 1 Port with the XMClib
  181. Interrupt status flags
  182. HOW does the VADC of XMC1302 work?
  183. xmc4400 dma interrupt clear register
  184. XMC retention memory in hiberante domain
  185. Marking / stepping / Errata
  186. IIC question
  187. FCE CRC generator questions
  188. Emulated EEPROM for XMC4500
  189. CCITT CRC-16 with 8 bit data
  190. SPI communication giving problems for higher baud rate.
  191. Atomic access of data for XMC4500
  192. POSIF : How to generate an event when the encoder moves past a defined position ?
  193. XMC1000/4000 TIP of the day: Filling up USIC TXFIFO based on Standard Transmit Buffer
  194. Real-Time Clock XMC4500
  195. Sense2go
  196. SPI Transmit and Receive Flag.
  197. Start multiple USICs at the same time
  198. SPI Chip Select Control in FIFO mode.(XMC4100)
  199. USBVC001 Problem with Windows 10
  200. What is Dead Time Generation ???
  201. IIC transmit
  202. POSIF start error
  203. DAVE3 - BLDC as aktive break
  204. XMC4500 Relax Kit Light V1 debugger defect
  205. Where are the Dave 4.1 examples
  206. XMC4000 TIP of the day: VADC Limit Checking
  207. XMC1302-T016X0032 AA in ASC_BSL BMI connect with DAVE4 and Memtool
  208. I2C communication XMC4500 Relax Kit
  209. Xmc 4500 relax kit voltage levels.
  210. missing software
  211. missing software
  212. POSIF Quadrature decoder example for XMClib.
  213. Where is XMC_2Go_Initial_Start project?
  214. Escaping from the ASC boot mode ?
  215. XMC4500 ADC Result Variable
  216. XMC4500 CAN module
  217. XMC4500 CAN module
  218. XMC4500 entering ASC BSL mode after System reset request
  219. Code Debug - Can't step through
  220. Hitex XMC1300 Class B Watchdog POST Timing
  221. Webinar on Infineon XMC1400 and XMC4800
  222. EiceDRIVERô 3 phase 600 V gate drive IC
  223. XMC 4800 EtherCAT Stack
  224. XMC4500 CAN port error reset
  225. XMC4500...DMA and transfer of captured data from 32-bit timer
  226. UART XMC 4500 problem
  227. License for SD and USB
  228. XMC4000 TIP of the day: Increased number of analog channels
  229. Double SR line connections in DLR allowed?
  230. How to do a phase shift pwm?
  231. I want to update firmware with SD Card.
  232. Hiberante domain battery backup
  233. Quadrature Decoder Interrupts
  234. Different time to catch an interuppt service routine
  235. Pseudo Random Number Generator in xmc4500
  236. Prng01
  237. how to flash xmc4500 using ASC_BSL??
  238. XMC4500 DAVE3, collect2.exe: error: ld returned 1 exit status
  239. Controlling small Wind-/Solarpowerplant with Emergencybackup via XMC4500 Relax Kit
  240. Work with a dave3-project in dave4
  241. XMC4500 DAVE3, collect2.exe: error: ld returned 1 exit status
  242. XMC4800 linker warning
  243. How to change UART baud rate of XMC4200 ASC bootstrap loader
  244. issue in Flashing xmc4500
  245. SPI and mutiple GPDMA channels in use
  246. SPI and multiple GPDMA channels in use
  247. SPI and multiple GPDMA in use
  248. XMC4000 Tips of the day: VADC FIFO on high sampling rate conversion
  249. GPIO interrupting PWM output
  250. Pin not working XMC2Go