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  1. CCU4 timer concatenation for counting
  2. CAN001 identifier and data length issue
  3. flash patching
  4. Tracking down bus fault interrupt exception
  5. Issue Transmitting CAN Messages using XMC4500 and CAN001App
  6. Enumerating FAT filesystem tree
  7. XMC4500 - USB VCOM speed limit
  8. Play a mp3 file with XMC4500
  9. Making a XMC4500 app example working on XMC4400 board
  10. Sending 100 bytes via spi
  11. protocol related argument bit for auto data format in xmc4400
  12. Pwm
  13. XMC2Go VCOM Problems
  14. DAVE help indexing stopped at 38%
  15. data to be sent from TLI4970 Current Sensor to xmc1100 controller
  16. Problem with new XMC1200 debugging
  17. XMC 4400 HRPWM - Buck Peak Current Mode Control
  18. Sqrt function
  19. CCU4 interrupts in timer mode
  20. Sample code "XMC1300_Blinky" copied from infineon web site can't be download!
  21. Time measure (time.h)
  22. UART transmit with DMA
  23. XMC4500 Brushless motor run with resolver
  24. DSD without Hardware Trigger from other peripheral
  25. help connecting the xmc4500 and micromagic pBrain
  26. Two (2) Ethernet Ports with XMC4500
  27. USIC Interconnects - XMC110 Reference Manual Error?
  28. Switching between different chip form factors
  29. XMC4500 Memory Access Latency
  30. Disable Halt on reset (HAR) XMC4x00
  31. [XMC4500 Relax Kit] SD Card Data Write
  32. CMSIS Drivers (ETH) for XMC4500
  33. CCU4x Timer Concatenation
  34. Protection of I2C inputs on XMC1000
  35. Dac xmc4400
  36. XMC1000 with extern oscillator
  37. XMC4500 Relax Kit Register access via on board debugger
  38. Re:Debug Problem on xmc1200
  39. Problem with J-Link
  40. XMC1000 TIP of the day: Connect via UART bootstrap loader
  41. XMC4000 TIP of the day: CRC Automatic Signature check
  42. Large SDRAM problem
  43. Re:Based on ADC value i am trying to on /off Relays
  44. XMC4000 TIP of the day: Processor Mode and Privilege Levels for Software Execution
  45. App Motor control Library documentation
  46. Generating PWM and duty cycle
  47. About the high resolution PWM feature on XMC MCUs
  48. Jitter Problem on CCU40 with different SystemClock Speeds
  49. Re:How to generate 2sec delay on xmc1200
  50. Strange result from CalcTemperature
  51. XMC4000 TIP of the day: Service Request types
  52. Re:Debug problem for ADC_001
  53. Re:Working with ADC
  54. XMC 4500 EXC_RETURN value issue
  55. Re:Disassembley
  56. XMC4000 TIP of the day: DMA Line Router (DLR) for hardware trigger to DMA module
  57. Firmware Update over External Memory
  58. XMC4000 TIP of the day: Event Request Unit (ERU) for peripherals trigger.
  59. usb multiple packet transmission problem
  60. OPTIGA Trust P Hardware Encryption
  61. Defines for common baud rate
  62. Flash sector locked after programming with low voltage.
  63. ADC Apps
  64. Undefined reference to 'floor'
  65. Re:Debug problem in xmc1100 Ardunio
  66. XMC4000 TIP of the day: Service Request Initialization and System Dependencies
  67. How to disable flow control on XMC4500
  68. XMC 4500 Relax Kit Firmware Update over USB
  69. PWM behaviout at high frequency
  70. XMC1000 TIP of the day: Limit Checking feature in ADC
  71. XMC4500-Timer Problem
  72. timer concatenation without Dave
  73. Re:Relay on/off
  74. Getting Release Dates for XMC1100 VQFN chips proving very difficult
  75. XMC4500 relax kit qSPI error
  76. How to in circuit a XMC1200
  77. XMC debugger to see global variables in real time
  78. XMC4000 TIP of the day: Overview of Request source per module
  79. XMC1000 TIP of the day: Setting interrupt priority
  80. Re:Without using dave apps how to on and off Relays using GPIOS
  81. how many PWM signals are available at XMC1100.
  82. XMC Baudrate Calculation
  83. Reworking of KIT_XMC11_BOOT_001
  84. I2C is slave mode is dropping most of the sent data.
  85. I2C Relax Kit
  86. XMC4000 TIP of the day: General Purposes DMA Overview
  87. XMC4400 ASC Boot & Dev Kit
  88. XMC1000 TIP of the day: Monitor the supply voltage
  89. Xmc4500 adc
  90. Matlab and USB at 12mbs
  91. Re:Work around solution of ADC
  92. Pragma instead of __attribute__((section("name")))
  93. RGB LED Lighting Shield with XMC1202 - XMC source code
  94. Problems with Hexgon Kits Resolver_FOC_Motor_Example1
  95. Toogle Speed XMC4500
  96. XMC1000 TIP of the day: Guide on ASC BSL pin
  97. uart testing
  98. die markings
  99. XMC1100 to BMP180 temp/pres sensor I2C
  100. XMC4000 TIP of the day: GPDMA Source and Destination configuration
  101. XMC1000 TIP of the day: Flash protection in XMC1000 device
  102. Simple CCU4 Capture Timer without App
  103. Xmc4100
  104. microsecond deslay
  105. ADC working from Timer?
  106. XMC4000 TIP of the day: GPDMA Scatter and Gather mode
  107. XMC1000 TIP of the day: Automatic slave select in SPI mode
  108. Problems with XMC1100 for Arduino Kit and Dave3
  109. SPI002 usage to write EEPROM
  110. XMC4000 Familiy supports Modbus ?
  111. Problem with XMC1100 for Arduino board and Keil uV5
  112. Problem with "Webserver_XMC4500_RelaxKit" App
  113. error @ SLTHA001
  114. ADC data to float conversion
  115. DMA data in memory - how to assign array in C?
  116. XMC4000 TIP of the day: General purpose register for temporary data storage
  117. How to connect XMC4500 with Yamaha YMW259-F GEW9
  118. regarding ethernet
  119. XMC1000 TIP of the day: Trigger ADC conversion with CCU4/CCU8
  120. How to read a port faster?
  121. XMC1000 I2S example code issue
  122. XMC4000 TIP of the day: GPDMA FIFO mode
  123. XMC1000 TIP of the day: Result FIFO for ADC channel
  124. XMC4500 Hexagon Auto.. Kit Modbus Master
  125. XMC4100 CAN bus problems
  126. Who have the factory Program preloaded on XCM4500 Relax Kit?
  127. HardFault in interrupt handler
  128. When will XMC4500 get a working "serial Communication (UART) Port" ?
  129. XMC4500 I2C page read
  130. Better performance for USBD_VCOM on XMC4500RK
  131. No 100% power by BCCU
  132. XMC 4500 CMSIS Driver for Ethernet and USB
  133. How to avoid freezing on unassigned ISRs?
  134. Help ADC
  135. XMCx000 ClassB Problems
  136. XMC2go , IBIS-Model & RTOS
  137. Requesting gpio code for xmc1100
  138. XMC1000 TIP of the day: Controlling data frame in SPI/SSC Master mode
  139. How to improve writing speed in SD Card?
  140. How to use the DAP miniwiggler?
  141. Family XMC13xx
  142. MPU for safety critical application
  143. UART via USB XMC4500
  144. Usinng native ARM PID library on XMC4500
  145. PWM signals from two PWMSVM apps are not synchronized.
  146. How to use POSQE001 for Incremental Rotary Encoder
  147. CAN BootLoader with XMC4500 Hexagon kit
  149. XMC4500 RTC 1sec interrupt get lost
  150. CAN Boot Strap Loader and Memory doubts.
  151. XMC1302: Starting all CCU80 timer at the same time
  152. Modbus Communication Problem
  153. SVPWM Angle and Amplitude
  154. XMC4500 relax Webserver project; no Ethernet/ping possible
  155. Anxious BCCU
  156. CAN Analyzer mode and no ACKs
  157. xmc4500 flash read/write
  158. i want to use mySQL Library on XMC4500
  159. XMC4500 ERU GPIO - some pins do not work
  160. xmc1100 hardware is not working
  161. issue by flashing xmc1100 controller form separated debugger of xmc1100 bootkit
  162. XMC4500 - UCB (re)program cycles
  163. CCU8 SW capture
  164. xmc1100 P0.0 wakeup event
  165. port2 of xmc1100 is not responding
  166. XMC4500 USB Flash drive - SLTHA001 / USBBL001_USBMS001- Stuck in IRQ
  167. CCU8 shadow transfer and timer concatenation
  168. XMC4500 WFI prevents USBD_VCOM from working
  169. UART Receive Problem with Dave and the XMC1300
  170. [CCU8] Updating timer value on the fly
  171. Porting CAN bus library from XE166/XE2000 microcontroller to XMC4500
  172. XMC4400, UART boot-loader in production
  173. XMC4500 Using USIC2_CH1 as I2C
  174. XMClib question, where?
  175. How To Test ASC Bootloader on XMC4400 Hexagon Board
  176. How to Use XMC4500 POSIFIE01 App
  177. ASC BSL downloader as Dave CE application possible?
  178. Working with VM800B50A-BK (480x272) through SPI (Based on FTDI chip FT800)
  179. XMC4500 CCU4x interconnects
  180. XMC 2 GO I2C problems send/receive data
  181. How to configure all 64 message object for single node..??
  182. XMC 2GO / XMC1100 USIC SSC SPI Master Initialization help needed
  183. Manual pin assignment for can bus
  184. CAN configuration problem XMC4500
  185. Parity not working in SSC Master Mode
  186. How to SD Card Detection is continuously?
  187. Need a software to compare 2 different level of voltages and change the PWM
  188. [CCU8] Single Shot Mode and concatenation
  189. Starting the CCU4 Unit on XMC1100 Boot Kit
  190. able to receive CAN frame only once...!!
  191. How to store data into Flash?
  192. xmc1300 Debug Error(because of systemreset in mainloop?)
  193. XMC4500 Tips of the day: The on chip memories of XMC4500.
  194. XMC4500 USIC App Note misleading documentation
  195. XMC1200 Ports 2.10, 2.11 as digital inputs problem
  196. SLTHA001/SDMMC conflict with SPI001 on Relax Board firmware.
  197. SDMMC Card Detection - permanent insertion/removal interrupts
  198. XMC4500 Tips of the day: 3 types of RAM found in XMC4000
  199. XMC1000 TIP of the day: Indication for the completion of data transmit in UART
  200. Anyone implemented Tiny printf() for usb VCOM?
  201. XMC4500 Tips of the day: Types of ROM
  202. XMC1300 PWM output problem
  203. Q&As to XMC4500 Low-Level Driver Library
  204. XMC4500 SPI Issue - Any clues?
  205. FCE Kernel 2 Hardware CRC 16 CCITT - reproduce results with c-Code
  206. XMC4500 and WiFi chip
  207. XMC1200 DMX application issue
  208. XMC44 POSIF using XMClib.
  209. XMC4500: Imposible to start the CAN-Controller
  211. XMC4500 relaxkit Debugger rs232
  212. Simulink and XMC
  213. Influence Flash Erase on System Performance (SysTick)
  214. Flash Memory Access in XMC1100
  215. How to run Programm on XMC1100 without DAVE
  216. is XMC follows little endian order or bigedian order while storing into the memory
  217. DAC output generation in reverse order?
  218. XMC4500 General Purpose ( CPU_45A-V3) - Boot Option
  219. Unable to run program on xmc1100
  220. Tool For Reading Flash Memory Content of XMC1100
  221. Where to find source code for XMC4500 Hexagon application kit?
  222. CAN BSL App Note AP32269 using XMC4500
  223. Setting up VADC
  224. XMC4108 program failure
  225. MPU usage example
  226. CCU40 Counter Start - Timer Value not 0
  227. I2C-master stops sporadically
  228. XMC4500 xmc_posif.h POSIF0 Undefined
  229. Flash Memory - Sector0 - Now unable to connect via debugger/mini-wiggler
  230. XMC4500 Problem with continuous transmission of CAN Frames
  231. Information on RTC clock in XMC4500
  232. RGB Shield - XMC1202 "PWM" frequency ?
  233. Using POSIF in Quadrate Decoder Mode with CCU4
  234. Problrm debugging HardFault
  235. Clearing CCU4 Timer Register in Gated Mode
  236. HRPWM_CSG zero current detection
  237. Problem using DMA for transferring ADC results with XMClib
  238. some USIC questions
  239. XMC 4500 Flasg Bootloader
  240. XMC 4500 Flash Bootloader
  241. what is the purpose of the USIC/CCFG register?
  242. How to set main core frequency of XMC4500 to 100MHz?
  243. A qeustion about SWD, SWCLK and JLink ?
  244. No interrupt CCU40_CC41
  245. RS232 flow control on XMC4500 USIC
  246. USB AHB error
  247. Using DBG002 App with PMSMFOCH05
  248. XMC4200 USIC Bit Protection
  249. Clock gating
  250. I2C stop condition interrupt