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  1. IGBT in general
  2. Difference IGBT / MOSFET
  3. Kelvin emitter
  4. IGBT gate voltage and short-circuit-mode
  5. Why is the tail current inevitable for IGBTs?
  6. emitter lead
  7. IGBTs with short circuit capability
  8. hard/soft switching
  9. Switching capability
  10. dV/dt induced turn-on
  11. Junction temperature measurement
  12. Does the diode also influence the Eoff of an IGBT?
  13. IGBT same reverse current as a MOSFET
  14. Switching losses of an IGBT
  15. DC collector of an IGBT
  16. Data sheet of the IKW15N120H3, amplifier circuit
  17. Short circuit rating