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  1. IGBT in general
  2. Difference IGBT / MOSFET
  3. Kelvin emitter
  4. IGBT gate voltage and short-circuit-mode
  5. Why is the tail current inevitable for IGBTs?
  6. emitter lead
  7. IGBTs with short circuit capability
  8. hard/soft switching
  9. Switching capability
  10. dV/dt induced turn-on
  11. Junction temperature measurement
  12. Does the diode also influence the Eoff of an IGBT?
  13. IGBT same reverse current as a MOSFET
  14. Switching losses of an IGBT
  15. DC collector of an IGBT
  16. Data sheet of the IKW15N120H3, amplifier circuit
  17. Short circuit rating
  18. 2 level turn on off RC IGBT
  19. FBSOA and RBSOA
  20. New RC-D2 vs.the previous RC-technology
  21. Frequency range of discrete IGBT7
  22. FBSOA of IKW30N65WR5 IGBT
  23. Half bridge induction cooker
  24. Input capacitance
  25. Switching frequency for device in PFC
  26. Differences between the IGBT6 and older Trenchstop technologies