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  1. Paralleling
  2. Primepack IGBT5 and .XT
  3. thermal cycling capability
  4. Difference in datasheets
  5. EconoPack+ B and D
  6. RCC'EE' and RAA'EE'
  7. PressFIT compared to solder Pins?
  8. utilization of IGBT7 in Econo?
  9. PQR Files
  10. Econo modules with internal shunts
  11. Traction Applications
  12. Econo modules with thermal interface material ?
  13. thermal grease for IHV modules
  14. Thermal paste for 62 mm, too?
  15. 62mm modules and thermal paste
  16. Benefits of the IGBT7 technology
  17. PCB for Econodual with pressfit
  18. 62mm SiC MOSFET gate driver design
  19. Rg for drives
  20. IGBT in general
  21. Easy3B
  22. FF1800R17IP5 with Uge=0V/+15V
  23. How to press in the EconoPACK 4 in the PCB?
  24. Can a built-in NTC be used for Tj read out during operation?
  25. Declaration hazardous substances
  26. Soldering press fit pins for Econopack + modules
  27. Comparison Econo Dual 3 with IGBT7 lifetime versus IGBT4 device
  28. Requirements of the industrial drive application
  29. datasheet values given by Infineon
  30. New Econo Dual 3, higher current
  31. Parasitic turn on
  32. Overload behaviour at high temperature
  33. Gate x collector problem in IGBT
  34. Ask for the pspice model of FS820R08A6P2B and 1ED020I12FTA
  35. Case Temp vs. Efficiency for IGBT Module
  36. EASY Module 3-level development KIT
  37. Ipw90r340c3用于dcdc全桥电路异常损坏
  38. What is the highest operating temperature of the FS50R07W1E3 chip