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  19. DPP2 suddenly used in (char __shuge *) assignment. Why?
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  30. Bridging Theory into Practice
  31. Bridging Theory into Practice
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  33. Trying to read CAN bus signals to XMC4500 relax lite kit
  34. Flash sector Erasing and Programming
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  36. Using the RGB LED Lighting Shield to drive constant voltage LEDs
  37. Controlling a Tunable White LED Lamp with the RGB LED Lighting Shield
  38. failed to connect via JTAG to a device
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  40. Software CORDIC
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  44. Multi Core Debug (MCD) API and DAS 5
  45. can i use realtime watch expression?
  46. Irmcs2033
  47. Questions about XMC-Link
  48. LCD connected to XMC 1100 is not working
  49. How to debud the usage of APP E_EEPROM_XMC1
  50. Open Source CAN Stack with C-Code API generated from Vector CANdb++ *.dbc Files
  51. software datasheet for XMC4500f100k1024ac
  52. Ethernet link detection
  53. What's the difference between a microcontroller and a microprocessor?
  54. how to wake up from xmc4100 hibernate domain
  55. Some doubt-digitaly controlled voltage divider for picky audio recording enthousiasts
  56. vivek sharma
  57. OpenMP support for Infineon AURIX microcontrollers
  58. TC23x MultiCAN+ sample code
  59. Communication between multiple microcontrollers
  60. I need some help on power Efficiency of Embedded system
  61. TLI4970 EEPROM Register MAP
  62. Adding ADC to Microcontrollers without ADC
  63. ATMEGA324A - ECG Atmel Assembler programming using RS232.
  64. Time multiplexing
  65. Flash memory Fail ( Is the flash memory can be corrupted?)
  66. XC800 & Incremental Encoder
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  68. C161P Timer Interrupt doesn't escape from IDLE, Should it?
  69. Can anyone please tell me how to solve this problem?
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  71. Port pins
  72. cheapest controller for automotive can
  73. controle avec saf c167cr-lm
  74. LPT wiggler help
  75. Hardware timer drift
  76. on-board wiggler 93c46 eeprom
  77. XC 2287 Startup code and low level device drivers
  78. Can't find “SWFramework_3v1r0.zip” to download anywhere
  79. INFINEON SAK-C164CL-8RM read write/clone
  80. How can I program this PIC16F18345 in C language?
  81. Cannot realize the SPI communication of two channels in XMC1100
  82. How to set program counter to illegal address while code is running ?
  83. Details of memory
  84. TC2XX unused I/O pins configuration
  85. Turn off HRPWM
  86. Remote Networks
  87. What is the software development tool (Eclipse IDE) for C515C microcontroller.
  88. XMC4500 usb wait
  89. TC29X USB3.0 => SRI External Bus Unit (EBU) ?
  90. Ir3581 and 1r3555 : Power supply part
  91. Semaphore and Mutex problem
  92. CAN communication not working after system reset in Aurix TC397A
  93. How to use xmc4500 with 16x2 lcd
  94. Problem in the access of the memory XMC4700, DAvE 4.3
  95. Need user manual for infenion Micro controller TC275 rx
  96. C512 (SAB-C512) datasheet
  97. Need ADC drivers for AURIX TC275
  98. Infineon IFX9201SG Current Vs Temperature Characteristics
  99. Regarding Temperature sensor pin for TC233 Aurix Microcontroller
  100. Recommendation document for AURIX TC233 100pin package microcontroller for schematics
  101. Cross Compiler for TriCore Architecture
  102. LIN protocol generation of messages from ldf file
  103. AUTOSAR library
  104. Simulation not working for Rfid based security system
  105. XMC 4800 uC VADC performance with ALIAS
  106. Hybrid-Kit for HybridPACK 2 Enhanced SIL
  107. recommendation automotive CAN eval board
  108. Forum suddenly Chinesifies. (Chrome & Edge)
  109. IDE tool for SP370 tire pressure sensor
  110. xmc1100 controller form separated debugger of xmc1100 bootkit
  111. 일산op♐일산건마OP쓰7닷컴♐일산키스방힐링사이트 일산오피 일산후기えǾ
  112. Get up-to-date on XMC and DAVE!
  113. C167CS-LM could not able to distinguish between different reset.
  114. XC2797 Software Reset does not restart software
  115. Microcontroler - Multiple I/O
  116. XC164 - first and second stage bootloader binary or code as used in memtool
  117. TC27x GPT12 Driver
  118. The doubts with non connected pins of XMC4800
  119. Regarding Application Notes
  120. Regarding Interrupts
  121. how to use memtool to program SAF-C165-LM HA 's external flash?
  122. Triboard TC277TF
  123. Problems reading TLI4970 Current Sensor
  124. Extract I / Q data and calculate range from raw data of Distance2Go
  125. TLV493D and Raspberry pi I2C communication
  126. BGT24MTR11 Use cases
  127. Selecting an Evaluation/ development board for High current/ power BLDC motor control
  128. SPI Using USIC U2C1 XMC4500
  129. GPIO library importance in I2C and its functions explanations?
  130. Require code for XMC4500 relax kit to interface eve70A tpr display(480*700, resistive
  131. IoT uses eSIM
  132. User code is not retaining after power off and on
  133. Unable to SET CCE bit of CAN register CCCR
  134. Retrieve the value of a variable on PC from TC275
  135. DEMO Position2GO - Serial Output
  136. TLV493D-a1b6 magnetic sensor i2c read problem
  137. Memtool V4.7.8 - Program all command in Batch file
  138. Aurix MotorControl Application Kit - Salesname “Kit_Aurix_TC234_MotorCtr"
  139. Xmc4400 adc
  140. extract_raw_data.c "The device didn't send any message." after ~1hour of listening
  141. How to reset TriCore via CLI after programming it?
  142. ISO1H816G , SPI Problem
  143. SPI read and write not working
  144. Tle9273 not able to send/receive proper data through SPI to/from master RH850F1KHD8
  145. miniwiggler PORST problem
  146. Read Data from TLV493D 3D magnetic sensor
  147. TLE9879 Evaluation Kit FOC speed issue
  148. SENT (SAE J2716) receiver source code for XC2000
  149. i2c on relex kit
  150. Is there any FOC Software available for STM32 Nucleo-64 G474RE board?
  151. Sos smd
  152. TLE9471ESV33XUMA1 Not responding to spi MISO messages
  153. Please help me with the board
  154. C167cr
  155. AX113E CPU chipset
  156. Controller in Bootstrap mode
  157. NDA required for Trust-M design ?
  158. TLE7242-2G Auto Zero
  159. BLDC_Sensorless_FOC example volatge measurement in TLE98897x
  160. Tle987x芯片锁死怎么解决
  161. What if the chip TLE987x is locked
  162. error during integration of mcal new version
  163. Receiving CAN Message from the wrong CAN-ID sometimes
  164. question to NVM module
  165. SPI diagnosis of TLE9201SG
  166. XMC4700 SPI Receive problem
  167. TLE94112 Motor control shield
  168. C161 Minimon help
  169. How to connect MCU serial port and touch screen?
  170. XC161CJ Example Program Help
  171. TC297 failed to start after being programed
  172. Free RTOS on TLE9879
  173. SAF-XC167CI-32F40F BB-A IBIS model
  174. use yocto linux for project development
  175. Aurix tc275
  176. HP OJ 4630 Setup
  177. TLE9879 Evaluation Kit
  178. 求购英飞凌b158-h8537-g2-x-7600支持tc1796开发套件一套
  179. To know the suitable MCU for Electric two wheeler BLDC driver, extra 16 PWM channels