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  1. [SOLVED] LIN communication for TLE9879QXA40 and TLE987x_3phase board
  2. TLE9879 External Trigger source for ADC1
  3. TLE987x CSA GAIN Setting
  4. [SOLVED] TLE9879x - NAC and NAD
  5. [SOLVED] Configuration settings in IFX configwizard
  6. [SOLVED] Debugger for TLE9879
  7. Microcontroller TLE9879QXA40
  8. TLE 9879 Eval Kit
  9. [SOLVED] TLE987x(Eval Kit) reset problem when UART added
  10. [SOLVED] Infineon TLE9879 Eval Kit Bridge short problem
  11. Infineon Embedded Power IC Information
  12. [SOLVED] TLE9879 Eval Kit Bridge drive Not Functioning
  13. [SOLVED] eval board for LIN protocol -> Automotive
  14. Problem with flashing TLE9879 Eval Kit with onboard USB debugger
  15. TLE9879 Eval Kit onboard ADC Pot Issue.
  16. Measurement of Duty Cycle in TLE9879
  17. TLE9879 bootloader
  18. External VAREF of TLE9879
  19. Current sense amplifier settings in TLE9879 eval kit
  20. [SOLVED] TLE9879 and KEIL RTOS2
  21. [SOLVED] ADC1 Ch1 measurement in TLE9879
  22. [SOLVED] TLE987X NAC/NAD Value at NVM
  23. [SOLVED] TLE9879 Cortex M3 reset behavior
  24. [SOLVED] Flasher for TLE9879
  25. [SOLVED] KUZ Battery Voltage parameter
  26. [SOLVED] GPT12E->T2 initializing problem in BLDC_SENSORLESS_FOC_EXAMPLE_TLE987X
  27. [SOLVED] Questions about phase inductance and phase resistance in FOC Code
  28. [SOLVED] TLE9844-2QX: falling edge keeps erroneously being reported on MON5
  30. TLE987x bridge driver current limitation?
  31. [SOLVED] How to read CHIP_ID of TLE987x
  32. [SOLVED] Questions about the bandgap-reference-circuit specified in the datasheet
  33. [SOLVED] SSC Communication at 10MBaud
  34. [SOLVED] Issue with TLE9844QX's High Side switch.
  35. [SOLVED] Segger JLink LiteCortexM-5V error when flash the device
  36. [SOLVED] TLE9844-2QX: MON5 status bit doesn't report correct value except when debug
  37. [SOLVED] Possible current level specification at TLE987x LIN Port.
  38. [SOLVED] TLE9879 Demo Kits BLDC_BEMF
  39. [SOLVED] TLE9879 BDRV Drain source problem
  40. [SOLVED] TLE9877 VDDP/VDDC error
  41. [SOLVED] TLE9861QXA20 H-bridge
  42. [SOLVED] Tle9879qxa40 pwm
  43. BLDC Hall Senosr Control BLDC FOC v1.4.0
  44. [SOLVED] Input Current Measurement of TLE 9879
  45. [SOLVED] TLE7242 and TLE8242 problem in usage with external controller
  46. [SOLVED] TLE9879QXA40 software reset or WDT reset problem
  47. [SOLVED] FOC wind mill start
  48. [SOLVED] TLE9871 BDRV problem
  49. [SOLVED] IFXConfigWizard V1.8.7
  50. [SOLVED] UART1 "TxD disconnected from integrated LIN-Trx" option disables P0.1 Output
  51. [SOLVED] Question about TLE9844-2QX
  52. [SOLVED] Does TLE9879 power sequence meet LV124 automotive test standard ?
  53. [SOLVED] TLE9844: Does attenuator value of ADC1 have character variation?
  54. [SOLVED] Questions on Grade 0 Variants of Embedded Power ICs
  55. [SOLVED] Emo_HandleFoc() function timing issue
  56. Bridge Drive Issue
  57. Abnormal GH & GL waveform
  58. [SOLVED] BLDC Arduino shield TLE9879 support
  59. [SOLVED] Using the TLE987x to control 6 Relays
  60. [SOLVED] .bsdl file for TLE987X family
  61. Read TLE5009-2010 from TLE9879-2QXA40
  62. [SOLVED] TLE9879 QXA40 communication problems with LIN Masters
  63. Tle5012b ssc via tle987x evalboard,
  64. [SOLVED] tle987x debugging problem with segger j-link
  65. [SOLVED] TLE9879QXA40 VSD overvoltage
  66. How to generate Traps in TLE986xQX micro controller
  67. [SOLVED] Gate charge/discharge configration
  68. TLE9879 Evaluation Kit using BEMF
  69. BLDC_SHIELD_TLE9879 can't connect with a J-Link EDU mini.
  70. [SOLVED] commutation table of BEMF demo code
  71. How to get the max speed of motor
  72. Tle987x evalboard BEMF Motor running and stopping problem in a loop
  73. BLDC Sensorless FOC (TLE9879 Kit) - Not able to acheive higher speed
  74. TLe987x Evalboard Counting turns thanks to hall effect sensor
  75. BEMF motor can't enter close loop
  77. [SOLVED] Can not open ConfigWizard file
  78. Channel turn on/off delay measurement
  79. Motor Speed Measuring
  80. Motor Coasting motor start-up
  81. Issue about powering TLE9879 Evaluation Kit
  82. Windmilling CallBack Handler never Called
  83. TLE9879 Eval Kit Bridge GL1 pin don`t turn-on
  84. TLE9879 active braking a BLDC Motor
  85. TLE987x family FLASH read-out protection
  86. BLDC Arduino shield TLE9879
  87. TLE987x UART1 Sample Code
  88. Problem running TLE9879 EvalKit sample program (BLDC_BEMF)
  89. Inserting angle from Arduino into TLE9879
  90. BLDC_SHIELD_TLE9879 questions.
  91. BLDC_SHIELD_TLE9879 driving DC motor.
  92. Missing functions
  93. Nac, nad
  94. Switching h bridge of tle987x evalboard on and off for 5 seconds
  95. Writing 100TP memory locations
  96. Parameter Documentation for BLDC_SHIELD_TLE9879
  97. Problem of Running BLDC motor with BEMF sensorless with the application circuit.
  98. TLE9879 / BLDC FOC control with Hall sensors
  99. TLE987x evaluation board- FOC + Hall sensor
  100. low speed current limit
  101. Emo_cfg_foc_table_scale(0.117553711)
  102. TLE985x - Keil uVision - Missing header files
  103. TLE9879 FOC single shunt current sensing : How to know the real (physical) values
  104. Hall delay angle
  105. deta connected motor
  106. PLL N-Multiplier , K2-Divider Value
  107. Gtm_tom
  108. TLE9877/ Program executed only when d debugger is connected to ECU
  109. TLE9879 BLDC Hall patterns / Commutation table / Electric angle
  110. TLE987x - Charge Pump Voltage (Vcp) is too high
  111. BLDC FOC sensorless not working with my ECU based on TLE9877QXA40
  112. Controller TLE9877 is not working without debugger on my hardware
  113. TLE9879 / BLDC FOC sensorless / Motor not restart after Stop
  114. TLE9879 BLDC FOC sensorless / Speed limitation issue
  115. TLE9879/ Driving BLDC with windings in a (Y/D) connection using FOC sensorless
  116. TLE9877 - Custom board , APP not working after Hard reset.
  117. BLDC Shield TLE9879QXA40 for Arduino Not Working
  118. TLE9879 Eval Kit Hall Sensor Discrepancies
  119. TLE9877 FastLIN connection
  120. LIN on TLE985x dokumented example
  121. Address of the peripherals on tle9879
  122. TLE987X BLDC_SENSORLESS_FOC/Current sensing/ CSA gain computation
  123. BLDC_SENSORLESS_FOC_LIN_EXAMPLE_TLE987X / Clarification of some variables
  124. How to configure the Rs and Ls para. for PMSM in Delta connection