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  1. XC82x/XC83x Cap touch with EMC/RF interference.
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  14. What is the pre-programmed BMI and/or USER-ID value for the KIT_XC836_EK ?
  15. XC800/XC878 shifting operations on protected SFRs are limited
  16. XC878-16FF/13FF code bank switching differences
  17. User Manual Issues
  18. XC878, where is the FCS.FTOV bit?
  19. LCD and LEDs can't work at the same time !!
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  30. full flash memory xc836
  31. HSK XC878 libraries
  32. XC800/XC878 8052 incompatible stack layout
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  36. USB CDC Linux
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  39. USCALE Kit - CAN Demo Code
  40. linux tools?
  41. SSC TX output in idle state
  42. XC822 link FLOAD via SPD issue (power saving mode)
  43. Generating C-Code from Vector CANdb++ .dbc files
  44. Mini Wiggler Output drivers
  45. Difference between XC886CM-6FFA and XC886CM-8FFA
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  47. FLOAD, DAS driver and DAVE2 can't support OS Windows 8.1
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  50. Long-term Investments for future years
  51. Programming XC866
  52. 5V vs 3.3V devices
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  54. TlE9833 Download failure - mini wiggler
  55. Example code for TLE 9832.
  56. TLE9833 - High-Voltage Monitor Input - not detected
  57. SAF-XC866-4FRI DAP-Miniwiggler-V3 pin connection
  58. DAP Miniwiggler V3 JTAG connector
  59. SAF-XC866-4FRI Programming via RS232 and Fload
  60. XC866/888 drive at least one low side transistor during bloc commutation?
  61. Free FLOAD alternative?
  62. Any XC800 that does not have exactly 2 dptr?
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  68. In-Application Flash Programming
  69. How to start building your own customised PCB with XC866 microcontroller
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  79. XMC4800 flash programming fails, sectors 6 or 7 becomes unprogrammable
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